378 weeks under Djokovic

No one has reigned as world No. 1 longer than him.

Novak Djokovic (36, Serbia) has risen to the top of the world for the longest period in tennis history.

Djokovic maintained his number one position in the men’s professional tennis (ATP) world rankings announced on the 27th, increasing his cumulative holding period to 378 weeks. He surpassed Steffi Graf (54, Germany), who was ranked first in the world for the longest period (377 weeks) in the women’s division that day, and became the main character for the longest period of time in both men’s and women’s divisions. Graf, who retired in 1999, first ranked first in 1987 and then in 1988 achieved the so-called ‘Calendar Grand Slam’ by sweeping four major tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open) in one year. She is the ‘Tennis Empress’ who won a total of 22 championships. 스포츠토토

Djokovic, who debuted on the professional stage in 2003, for a while was overshadowed by Roger Federer (42, Switzerland, retired) and Rafael Nadal (37, Spain, 8th), the ‘Tennis Emperor’. At first, his presence was low, and he was treated as a ‘third person’ who belatedly joined the GOAT (Greatest of all time) competition between Federer and Nadal, but he stood out in earnest in the 2010s. Djokovic, who first reached world No. 1 in 2011, set a ‘non-calendar Grand Slam’ record by winning four major tournaments in a row from Wimbledon in 2015 to the French Open in 2016. In March 2021, he held the top spot for a total of 311 weeks, shattering Federer’s previous record of 310 weeks at the top of the men’s division.

Djokovic, who was on a winning streak, also had trials. He started this year ranked 5th in the world after failing to participate in the 2022 Australian Open and US Open due to a problem with not being vaccinated against the corona virus. Especially in Australia, the process of being deported after a court battle made headlines and even gained a world-class ‘villain’ image. However, as the quarantine standards were eased, he recaptured the lead position by writing a dramatic comeback drama to win the Australian Open this year, and held the 22nd major championship trophy in his arms, shouldering shoulder to shoulder with Nadal for the most tied for first place in this category.

Djokovic, who has been ranked No. 1 in the world for the longest period of time and No. 1 in total earnings, aims to win his 23rd major tournament, an unprecedented one, at the French Open in May.

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