4 consecutive matches without a win, a sense of crisis in the battle… Captain Joo Se-jong “You have to run with earnestness”

 4 games in a row without a win. Daejeon Hana Citizen defines this situation as a ‘crisis’.

Daejeon has been in a row without deciding a winner in the last 4 K-League 1 matches. Starting with the match against Gwangju FC, following Jeju United and FC Seoul, in the 21st round on the 9th, they drew with the lowest ranked Suwon Samsung. The draw against Suwon is painful. Throughout the first half, he pressed the opponent with overwhelming performance and led 2-0, but after that, he caught up with two goals and missed the victory. Especially in the first half, the difference in performance was so great that an easy win was expected, so it was a shocking draw for Daejeon.

In fact, it is difficult to see a 4-game winless streak as a bad result. This is because it can be interpreted as meaning that no matter what opponent you meet, you will not lose. In fact, coach Lee Min-seong and Joo Se-jong gave positive meaning to the points obtained in the Jeju and Seoul expeditions. However, it was a big pain for Daejeon to not get 3 points at home against Suwon, the weakest team in the league. Coach Lee did not hide his regret, saying, “Today’s game was virtually lost.”안전놀이터추천

Still, in the Suwon match, the offensive power was revived. After switching the formation from three-back to four-back, the attacking team, which had recently been stagnant, found vitality after a long time. It is clear that the game would have been much easier if he had scored without hitting the post twice in the first half. Joo Se-jong said, “I couldn’t train for a long time with a four-back. He’s still lacking defensively, but I think he’ll get better as he plays. As the aggressive tempo revived and we played altruistically with each other, a lot of good looks came out like at the beginning of the season.”

Joo Se-jong emphasized that in order to overcome the crisis, all members, including foreign players, must come together. “We talked after the game,” he said. All players must run with sincerity. He asked foreign players to focus a little more and run. He said, “Thankfully, the players listened.”

Daejeon is currently in 6th place, corresponding to Final A. It’s not a bad ranking. It is a satisfactory position for Daejeon, which aims to remain in the K-League 1 as a promoted team. The problem is the fierceness of the middle ranks. Daejeon has the same points as 7th place Jeju and 8th place Gwangju. In fact, the rankings of the three teams should be considered the same. Depending on the results of the next round right away, it may fall to Final B. Daejeon will play the 22nd round against Jeonbuk Hyundai on the 12th. Although they won the first match last time, Jeonbuk is getting out of the crisis by replacing the manager in the meantime. Jeonbuk is currently on a two-game winning streak in the league.

Joo Se-jong said, “In the first match, we did really well, but Jeonbuk then and now Jeonbuk are different. We will fight without regret, but we have to make sure that Jeonbuk does not take 3 points from our home.”

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