‘4 hits in a month’ special measures for foreigners… Anxious national hitter “A dedicated coach was attached” 

 There is no place to retreat anymore. The Doosan Bears rolled up their sleeves for the revival of Rojas, an outside hitter.메이저사이트 추천

Doosan will play the 6th game of the season against the Lotte Giants at Munsu Baseball Stadium in Ulsan on the 30th.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, whom we met before the game, explained, “Basic coach Lee Young-soo has joined the first team. Lohas has practiced with coach Lee Young-soo since camp. It will not be unfamiliar.”

“I left it to this coach about Rojas. In other words, he is the exclusive coach for Rojas. That’s why a player named Rojas is so important to us. My heart hurts so much. I hope he does well.”

Doosan’s first-team main hitting coach is coach Goto, and the sub coach is Kim Joo-chan. Coach Lee Young-soo is not officially registered on the first-team roster. Coach Lee joined only for one Lohas.

During the spring camp and demonstration games, coach Lee and pitching coach Sang-jin Kim worked with the first-team squad and mainly guided young players. In this process, the explanation of the Doosan club is that the chemistry between Coach Lee and Rojas was good. Coach Lee said, “I honestly don’t remember well because it was good during the camp or demonstration game. Now it’s not good, so I’m going back. It’s a good way to change the atmosphere,먹튀검증” he said. I wish I could go,” he said earnestly.

However, he couldn’t hide his upset expression when he said, “What does LOHAS look like?” Director Lee laughed, saying, “There must be a mechanism that Lojas himself has. I believe it will be so.”

“I think I’ve found a lot of psychological stability, but of course it’s natural to be chased and rushed if results don’t come out… but isn’t the result ultimately the player’s own. We can’t do it for him. In the end, it’s the only way for Lohas to overcome.”

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