40-70′ Acuña Jr, Baseball Digest ‘Player of the Year’

Ronald Acuña Jr. (26, Atlanta Braves), who became the first major league player to hit a record of 40 home runs and 70 stolen bases, was named the best player.

On the 4th (Korean time), Baseball Digest of the United States announced its selection of Player of the Year, Pitcher of the Year, and Relief Pitcher of the Year.

According to this, Acuña Jr. was selected as Player of the Year, Gerrit Cole (33) was selected as Pitcher of the Year, and Felix Bautista (28) was selected as Relief Pitcher of the Year.

Acuña Jr., who was selected as the best player, recorded a batting average of 0.337, 41 home runs, 106 RBI, 149 runs, 217 hits, 73 stolen bases, and an on-base percentage of 0.416 and OPS of 1.012 in 159 games this season.

This is the record for scoring, most hits, stolen bases, on-base percentage, and OPS in the National League. In particular, he achieved 40-40, the fifth in major league history, and the first 40-70.

Accordingly, Acuña Jr. is evaluated as the strongest National League Most Valuable Player (MVP) candidate. He is evaluated to have completely surpassed Mookie Betts (31).

Acuña Jr. left the team due to a serious injury during the 2021 season, and has not shown much since returning last year. There was also an assessment that the aftereffects of his injury were significant.

However, Acuña Jr. rose to the top after showing amazing hitting and base running from the beginning of this season. Playing in 159 games is also surprising.

Cole, who was selected as the best pitcher, pitched 209 innings in 33 games this season, recording 15 wins, 4 losses, and an ERA of 2.63. 222 strikeouts.토토사이트

This ranks first in average ERA and most innings in the American League. Accordingly, Cole is on the verge of winning his first American League Cy Young Award, 11 years after his major league debut.

Bautista, who was also selected as the best relief pitcher, pitched 61 innings in 56 games this season, taking charge of the Baltimore Orioles’ tailgate with 8 wins, 2 losses, 33 saves, and an ERA of 1.48.

This played a big role in helping Baltimore, which was at the bottom of the Major League in the 2021 season just two years ago, rise to the top of the American League.

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