43-year-old Rich Hill, the oldest active player in MLB “Retirement? I have a lot more left. I will play again next year”

Pitcher Rich Hill, who was traded from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the San Diego Padres along with Choi Ji-man, announced that he would play again next year.

“I have intentions of playing in 2024,” said Hill, 43, according to MLB.com Justice Delos Santos.

Hill, in his 19th MLB season this year, became the oldest player in MLB when Albert Pujols retired last season.먹튀검증

Although Hill’s velocity has deteriorated, his ability to catch hitters is still evaluated.

Hill, an expert in ground ball judo, posted a 4.25 ERA in 79 starts over the past three years.

His performance in the remaining two months will determine his next year’s move, but he is expected to be able to sign a one-year contract instead of a multi-year one.

It is not uncommon for MLB pitchers to continue their careers into their mid-40s even in the 21st century. Bartolo Colón, Tim Wakefield and Roger Clemens all pitched to 45, while Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Jesse Orozco played to 46.

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