“67 billion? cheap”… Di Marzio claims Kim’s buyout is “too low”

An evaluation appeared that the buyout of Napoli defender Kim Min-jae was low compared to its value.

The Italian media, Napoli Magazine, quoted reporter Gianluca Di Marzio, who appeared on Calciomercato Royale aired on Sky Sports on the 27th (Korean time), and reported that “Napoli wants to get rid of Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause.” did.

Kim Min-jae was recruited by Napoli last summer to fill the gap in the transfer of Kalidou Koulibaly.

Kim Min-jae, who established himself as the main defender at the same time as the transfer, was recognized for his defensive power by winning the Serie A Player of the Month award in September last year, and continued to play an active role afterwards, making a big contribution to Napoli’s solidifying its lead in the league.

As Kim Min-jae’s performance continued, leading European clubs began to show interest in recruiting him. Great clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premier League and Paris Saint-Germain in League 1 paid attention to the possibility of signing Kim Min-jae.

The fact that they have a player who is good enough to attract a lot of attention is a good thing for Napoli, who can consider selling players. 메이저사이트

The problem is the buyout clause in the contract Napoli signed at the time of Kim Min-jae’s recruitment. Clubs that want to take him can recruit him after personal negotiations with Kim Min-jae, even against Napoli’s will, as long as the buyout amount is paid.

Di Marzio, famous for his knowledge of the European football transfer market, said, “Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause of 50 million euros (approximately 67 billion won) is only valid next summer. Also, this only applies to overseas clubs.”

He went on to stress that the buyout could be low for Premier League clubs. “Napoli are trying to get rid of the buyout clause in the new contract as this amount could be small for a Premier League club,” he explained.

In fact, the Italian media ‘Corriere dello Sport’ reported on Naples’ plan as ‘Project KIM’ on the 26th, and reported that Naples general manager Cristiano Giuntoli directly met Min-jae Kim’s agent to renew his contract.

However, time is not on Napoli’s side.

Local media in Italy even reported that Kim Min-jae had started negotiations with Manchester United, predicting the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s summer transfer. If Man Utd expresses their intention to pay a buyout, there is a high possibility that Kim Min-jae will refuse to renew the contract with Napoli.

Manchester United has already spent a huge amount of £80 million (about 122 billion won) in 2019 to acquire Harry Maguire from Leicester City, sparing no expense to secure defenders. It seems that there will be no big problem with Kim Min-jae’s buyout spending.

If Napoli wins the championship at the end of the season, if they send Kim Min-jae, a key player whose ransom will skyrocket, at a bargain price of 67 billion won, Napoli is expected to suffer a considerable loss.

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