Ahn Hyeon-beom, who was honest with Jeonbuk who was desperate, said, “Honestly, I wanted to attack, but I put down all my pride… I risked everything against Gwangju.”

“I put down all my pride.”

At 2 p.m. on the 24th, the Hana One Q K League 1 31st round Gwangju FC (hereinafter referred to as Gwangju)-Jeonbuk Hyundai (hereinafter referred to as Jeonbuk) match took place at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium located in Gwangju. The result of the game was 1-0, a victory for the visiting team Jeonbuk. Jeonbuk won for the first time in six league games thanks to an own goal by opposing defender Doo Hyun-seok in the 28th minute of the second half.

Ahn Hyun-beom, who played as a right wingback, made active vertical movements throughout the game. In peacetime, he focused on defense, but on the counter, he used his unique speed to rush into the opponent’s camp. Ahn Hyun-beom’s shot attempt also led to an own goal by Gwangju defender Doo Hyun-seok. After the game, Ahn Hyun-beom confessed that the game against Gwangju was honestly quite a burdensome game.

Ahn Hyeon-beom said, “First of all, it was a pressure game to settle in Final Round A. It was good to be able to win. That was the best.” He added, “To be really honest, it was not an easy game if we were not patient with Gwangju’s play of turning the ball around. “I thought it would happen. Our players really put down all their pride. I told them to persevere, and I thought if they held on, one would come,” he said.

He continued, “Honestly, we also want to be aggressive. But we were in a situation where we could go up or down in the final round with one game. So it was really important, and everyone from captain (Hong) Jeong-ho to (Kim) Jin-su played in this game at once.” “I went into the game with the mindset of putting everything on the line and getting results. Of course, you can’t do this at home,” he said, expressing his opinion without hesitation.

Jeonbuk let go of coach Kim Sang-sik and brought in coach Dan Petrescu, but has not been able to make a big difference in performance. Although they caught Gwangju right away, they will have to fight fiercely for ranking until the end of the season. In response, Ahn Hyeon-beom said, “It hasn’t been long since I joined the team. So it’s difficult for me to understand everything about this team. But I know that if I play with the Jeonbuk emblem, I have to show appropriate skills. I work out nervously. How come I’m even talking about this?” “I don’t know, but anyway, I’m trying to understand Jeonbuk. I’m working hard to become a player that fits Jeonbuk,” he said, adding that he is developing his knowledge as a Jeonbuk player.

This is Ahn Hyeon-beom, who was caught in a scene where he clashed with Asani and suppressed his anger. Ahn Hyeon-beom said, “I was injured in that situation. I suffered a bit of trauma because my shoulder was dislocated. When I was speeding, if someone tripped on my leg, my shoulder could be dislocated. That’s why I was angry. But Asani looked at me so innocently. “Plus, I couldn’t get angry. So I held back,” he said.토토사이트

Ahn Hyun-beom has recently been promoted to a prominent side player for the Korean national team. Ahn Hyeon-beom said, “It’s good to go to the national team. There’s a lot to learn there. What I learned is the mentality of the players. Top players like (Son) Heung-min, (Lee) Jaeseong, and (Kim) Min-jae are different in their mentality. For example, everyone gets tired and tired when they take a long plane ride. But they say, ‘Who knows about that?’ That was their mentality. They just focused on exercising. Everything was different. It was so different from what I felt in Korea. Think about why they were successful. “I did it,” he said about his recent visit to the national team.

Nevertheless, Ahn Hyeon-beom’s idea is to focus on Jeonbuk rather than the national team. Ahn Hyeon-beom said, “I live hectic every day. Since I came to Jeonbuk, I exercise a lot. I have two children, but I also have to play in the AFC Champions League and the Korea Football Association FA Cup, and my schedule is tight, so all I can think about is soccer. (Greed to participate in the AFC Asian Cup) “There is nothing in particular. I am busy adapting to Jeonbuk. I will not look too far ahead. I only see what is in front of me. I will only think about playing for Jeonbuk.”

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