Anipang Festa with Lim Young-woong, a month-long infographic released

On the 26th, WeMade Play released an infographic containing the major achievements of the Anipang Festa, which was conducted for a month with PR model Lim Young-woong.

This infographic counts the popular response of the ‘Anipang’ series and the Anipang Festa conducted by Lim Young-woong, who first appeared as an advertising model in the game industry.

Anipang Festa, which conducted game missions with users of the ‘Anipang’ series, expanded familiarity with the Anipang series by introducing buzzwords such as Hero Pang and Hero Ticon amid an increase in new and returning users, according to the company. 안전놀이터

As for the combined figures of the ‘Anipang’ series, the popularity ranking of games drawn during the Anipang Festa stands out. The ‘Anipang’ series, which has been on the rise in popularity since the 2nd week of December, entered the top 10 at the same time: ‘Anipang 4’ ranked 5th, ‘Anipang 3’ ranked 6th, and ‘Anipang 2’ ranked 7th in the overall popularity ranking of Google Play games. garnered attention.

In particular, Anipang Festa provided 260 million hearts and items to users thanks to the popularity of the game and the viewing of advertisements in the game, which increased by an average of 26%.

In addition, the Anipang Series X Lim Young-woong TV commercial video, which was released with the start of the Anipang Festa, is also gaining popularity. As of the 25th, two TV commercial videos featuring popular images unique to the ‘Anipang’ series against the background of Lim Young-woong’s ‘Can We Meet Again’ recorded 5.52 million views on YouTube alone.

By game, ‘Anipang 4’, which welcomed more than 300,000 new users, broke the record of completing 40 million puzzle stages in one month. ‘Anipang 2’ and ‘Anipang 3’ also recorded that more than 430,000 users returned to the news of the Anipang Festa, recording a new record of 120 million views of in-game advertisements in a month.

On the other hand, WeMade Play plans to carry out the second campaign with Lim Young-woong from February.

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