Antetokounmpo and Damien Lillard named Player of the Week

Giannis Antetokounmpo (forward, 213cm, 110kg) of the Milwaukee Bucks and Damien Lillard (guard, 188cm, 88kg) of the Portland Trail Blazers were selected as the Player of the Week.

According to 『』, Antetokounmpo and Lillard won the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Player of the Week awards, respectively. Eastern Conference player of the week, Antetokounmpo, became the best player of the week for the fourth time this season and for the 21st time in his personal career. He was also named in the category last week, and has been showing off his extraordinary performance recently, such as becoming the player of the week for two consecutive weeks in a long time. This is the second time since he was selected down at the end of December in the last 2018-2019 season. It is the first time since the last 2020-2021 season that it was picked in February. Milwaukee laughed in all three games last week. Including this, he has been running on a 7-game winning streak recently. He brought in the Charlotte Hornets, LA Clippers, and Miami Heat from home. Except for the one-point victory against the Clippers, they won the game by more than 8 points. With this, Milwaukee is now moving closer to winning eight consecutive wins, the club’s most this season. At the center was Antetokounmpo. He appeared in all three games and recorded 41 points (.585 .231 .649), 17.3 rebounds and 5.7 assists in 36 minutes per game. He showed off a field goal success rate approaching 60% on a weekly average and scored an average of over 40 points, while collecting an average of 17 rebounds per week. Even so, he showed off his presence with a number of assists.

On the 3rd (Korean time), he scored 53 points, the second most this season against the Clippers. He played his third 50+ game of the season and shone even more in the close match. He not only vomited spirits, he grabbed a whopping 19 rebounds. In the game against Miami on the 5th, he reported a triple-double for the first time in a long time. # Antetokounmpo’s last week’s game log 1 day vs Charlotte 34 points (.583 .333 .833) 18 rebounds 4 assists 3 days vs clip 54 points (.538 .250 .667) 19 rebounds 2 assists 5 days vs heat 35 points (.684 .000 .563) 15 rebounds 11 assists Western Conference Player of the Week Lillard became his third player of the week this season and his 16th overall. Like Antetokounmpo, he also won the award for two consecutive weeks following last week. It is the first time he has been the top player of the week, and he, like Adetokounmpo, was named in the category in February after a long absence from the last 2020-2021 season. Portland has won three of its four games last week. Although they recently ended their winning streak after winning three games in a row, they performed well in a situation where there were many away games. The last three games last week digested the away schedule, and it was a tight schedule to play three games in four days. In the end, I lost in the second game held two days in a row on the last 5 days.

During this period, Lillard’s scoring prowess was outstanding. He averaged 39.6 minutes in four games, averaging 38.3 points (.500 .383 .981), 4.5 rebounds and 6.8 assists. While spending an average of 40 minutes on the court, he showed off his fierce scoring power, equivalent to 1 point per minute. He took over the court, scoring 40 or more points in three of his four games. 안전놀이터

Even though he is a guard, you can see his performance well just by showing off a 50% field goal success rate. He also stood out for his three-point shooting success rate. He shot 18 3-pointers last week alone, boasting a success rate comparable to 40%. Although he had a lot of attempts, he boasted a good success rate and made many three-pointers. # Lillard’s last week’s game log 31st vs Hawks 42 points (.476 .417 1.000) 2 rebounds 6 assists 5 3-pointers 02nd vs Memphis 42 points (.500 .385 .938) 8 rebounds 10 assists 5 3-pointers 04 Sun vs Wizards 29 points (.450 .300 1.000) 3 rebounds 6 assists 3 3-pointers 05 vs Chicago 40 points (.571 .417 1.000) 5 rebounds 5 assists 5 3-pointers Photo_ NBA Mediacentral

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