Anthony is also ‘121.5 billion’… “If you want to win Manchester United, sign it for 151.9 billion won”

Will Tottenham’s Harry Kane (29) sign a new contract, or will he move the team?

Kane’s contract ends in June 2024. Since he is close to the end of his contract, he has to start discussing a new contract.

In this situation, transfer rumors are emerging that Kane can go to Bayern Munich or Manchester United. Recently, rumors of a breakup with manager Antonio Conte have been reported, and the situation is confusing.

Paul Merson of ‘Sky Sports’ in the UK emphasized that Manchester United must bring Kane to win the title. According to the British media’Daily Mail’ on the 24th (Korean time), Merson said, “Will Kane look at his personal record or will he go for the championship? I haven’t seen him win at Tottenham.”

He added: “He will break Jimmy Greaves’ record for goals. It’s an amazing feat. He also has the potential to break Alan Shearer’s record for most goals in the Premier League.” 스포츠토토

He also said, “Tottenham have been good to Kane, and Kane is the same. He has children and is married. He has to play where he is happy.”

Kane’s goal is the same as before and now. That’s winning. In this situation, there is also a willingness to extend the contract with Tottenham. I am determined to lift the championship trophy at Tottenham.

Merson said, “Kane is the best striker in the world. If I were at Manchester United, I would spend £100 million on Kane.

“Kane can play until he’s 37. He’s smart, he can pass short and find goals. He’s got it all,” he said. “Man United need Kane if they want to get close to winning the title. Bonnie, they’re still a long way off.”

Meanwhile, Kane revealed that he would not be thinking about the renewal of his contract right now. “To be honest, there has been no talk of a contract. I’m sure there will be talks over the next few months,” he told the British media’The Athletic. .

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