Anthony joins Manchester United first-team squad 20 days after ‘domestic violence charge’, possibility of playing in UCL match on 4th of next month explored

Anthony, who is accused of ‘domestic violence’, will join the Manchester United squad after 20 days.

On the club website on the 30th (Korean time), Manchester United said, ‘Anthony has been cooperating with police investigations in Brazil and the UK since the (domestic violence) allegations were first raised last June.’ ‘As Anthony’s employer, Manchester United have decided to resume training and selection at Carrington while the police investigation continues. This will be reviewed until the case progresses further.’

He added: ‘As a club we condemn acts of violence and abuse. It is important to protect everyone involved in this situation. In addition, we are aware that all claims can have an impact on victims,’ he added.

Even if Anthony joins the Manchester United first-team squad, it is expected that it will be difficult for him to participate in the 7th round home game of the 2023-2024 English Premier League against Crystal Palace on the 30th. However, the possibility of being included in the European Champions League group A match against Galatasaray (Turkiye), which will be played at home on the 4th of next month, is being considered.

Anthony was recently reported to the police by his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavalin, on charges of domestic violence, causing bodily harm and making threats. Sao Paulo and Greater Manchester police immediately launched an investigation. Antony’s side said, ‘We are aware of the facts through social media. “She will announce her position after fully assessing the situation,” she said, adding, “These charges are false.” She said her relationship with him was rough and sometimes tumultuous. But I swear there was no physical assault. She responded by saying, “I believe that the police investigation will reveal the whole truth.”

Initially, Manchester United maintained a neutral stance but also showed resoluteness. On the 10th, it was announced on the club’s official website that ‘Anthony has agreed to postpone her return until further notice in order to proceed with proceedings related to her allegations.’

Anthony complained of injustice through a TV interview. “I know the truth, and it will come out. I have never touched a woman. I am 100% sure. I will present the evidence. I have never committed physical violence.”

However, the content revealed through the Brazilian media ‘UOL’ was quite specific. Anthony dated Cavalin, who is a DJ and social media influencer, for two years. It is reported that when Anthony was playing for Ajax, they lived together in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cavalin released WhatsApp messages and several photos with Antony and claimed, “Anthony assaulted and assaulted me several times. He even threatened to kill me.”

According to Cavalin, the first assault took place in June last year. At the time, Cavalin was pregnant with Antony’s child. Antoni allegedly assaulted Cavalin at a party at a nightclub in Sao Paulo, grabbing her by the arms and hair and pushing her to the ground. It was reported that Cavalin, who was 17 weeks pregnant at the time, ultimately suffered a miscarriage due to the shock.

Cavalin, who began dating Anthony again in August 2022, a month after the first assault, was assaulted for the second time in January of this year. Cavalin said, “I was hit in the chest by Anthony’s fist. The silicone implant was damaged and flipped over.” Evidence was even presented. Afterwards, it was reported that he was assaulted two more times in the UK. Cavalli added, “Anthony assaulted me last May by swinging a glass cup. I hurt my finger.” Antony’s mother and a friend reportedly witnessed the scene, and Cavalli reportedly left Antony and returned to Brazil.토토사이트

Anthony, who left Manchester United and was living in Brazil, decided to return to England on the 27th. Anthony, who was on vacation from Manchester United, was spotted trying to board a plane at Sao Paulo Airport in Brazil, via Spain, and arriving in Manchester, England. The media predicted that ‘Anthony will meet with British police within a few days and deny the assault charges.’

“Anthony is adamant he did nothing wrong. He wants to sit down with the police and let them ask questions,” a source told the outlet. He then emphasized, “Anthony has nothing to hide. He will hand over anything the police want, including his cell phone.” He said: “Anthony wants to be acquitted as soon as possible so that there is no disruption and he can resume his football career.”

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