‘Are you close friends’ Messi has not yet been congratulated on winning the World Cup from Pique

It’s been two months since Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) solved his lifelong task of winning the World Cup. Numerous football fans, of course, Messi’s former colleagues also congratulated Messi officially and unofficially.

Here, there is a ‘best friend’ who has not yet handed a congratulations to Messi despite playing more than 500 games together. Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique. This amazing story actually happened. Pique said it himself.

Pique was asked in an interview with Tick Talker John Nellis if he had congratulated Messi on winning the World Cup. It sounds crazy, but to tell you the truth, I was retired and completely disconnected from the World Cup. He replied, “I only saw the final.” Pique announced his retirement from active duty in early November, just before the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals

. In October 2020, before Messi’s departure, Spanish media reported that relations between Messi and Pique had deteriorated in the locker room, and

although Pique did not congratulate Messi, he did not hesitate to name him the best striker in the world. When asked the best player at each position, they named goalkeeper Iker Kayas (Spain national team-mate), defender Carles Puyol, midfielder Cesc Fabregas and striker Lionel Messi. “The team of Puyol, Fabregas and Messi is strong.”

Pique, who played with Ronaldo at Manchester United and Messi at Barcelona, ​​answered a question about the ‘Meho War’, “Both players have done extremely well over the past 10 years. (But) I think Messi is better in terms of talent. Ronaldo also tried to be the best “It’s true, but I’ve chosen Messi in recent years. He won the World Cup at the age of 35 and proved that he is the best player in the world.” 슬롯사이트

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