Austin, who gave up his desire to be the RBI champion for KS, “Rolex? I just need to win.”

 LG Twins’ foreign hitter Austin Dean expressed his thoughts on preparing for the Korean Series.

Austin played in 139 games this season, contributing 163 hits, 23 home runs, 95 RBI, 87 runs, and a batting average of 0.313, helping LG win the regular season. Now LG is looking to win the Korean Series. Austin was the only batsman to record multiple hits in the Blue and White game on the 23rd, which was his first game after training camp began, and showed off his hitting skills by hitting a timely hit in the second Blue and White game on the 26th.

Most indicators are at the top of the league, including 4th in hits, 3rd in slugging percentage, 3rd in home runs, and 3rd in RBIs. In particular, Austin could challenge for the RBI title at the end of the season, and as of the 14th, Noh Si-hwan had 99 RBI and Austin had 94 RBI, a difference of 5 RBI. A difference that can be easily overturned. However, after winning the regular season, Austin focused on conditioning rather than building up his records.

Austin, whom we met in Icheon, said, “It’s not that I haven’t thought about challenging for the RBI title, but from the time I took first place in the regular season, I thought I needed to maintain my stamina and maintain my senses in order to focus on the Korean Series. I could have aimed for the RBI title, but that wasn’t the case. “I thought the more important goal was to win the Korean Series, so I gave up my greed,” he said.

LG’s first win in 9 years. Austin also had no experience winning at a professional level, so winning on the Korean stage was special. Austin said, “I am satisfied that I achieved most of my goals this year. I especially enjoyed playing baseball this year, and watching other players gave me motivation again. I was able to play a part in LG’s history by winning the championship for the first time in 29 years. “That was good too,” he said.

Now, the final and biggest goal of winning the championship remains. Regarding the Korean Series, Austin said, “It’s a big game, so I’m trying to stay as calm as possible. It’s the biggest game in my baseball life, so there are parts of it that make me nervous. I think the most important thing will be to stay calm.” “I believe in what I have done since spring camp, throughout the season, and now during training, and I am drawing a scene that shows that as it is until the end,” he said.스포츠토토

The championship trophy lifted for the first time in 29 years. One of the many issues that are drawing attention due to LG’s win is ‘Rolex’ watches. This is a watch that the late Chairman Koo Bon-moo purchased as a gift to the winning MVP. This watch, which has not found its owner for a long time, will be given to the Korean Series MVP if LG wins the Korean Series this season.

Austin also knows about this watch. However, Austin said, “It would be nice to be MVP, but winning itself is the goal rather than that. I think every player who plays in the Korean Series will have a chance to become MVP. In each situation, someone will do well and lead the team. “If we all lead together like that, we can achieve victory. I don’t care about MVP, I just want to think about my contribution to victory while doing my job,” he said.

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