‘Can Lee Kang-in work with his dream coach Zidane?’… ‘Enrique continues to be mentioned as a candidate for PSG manager amidst crisis’

Where will the world’s best current master go?

The attention of the world soccer world is focused on coach Zinedine Zidane’s future. After parting ways with Spanish giant Real Madrid in 2021, Coach Zidane has not returned and remains a wild man.

In particular, coach Zidane has risen to the ranks of the world’s best coaches by winning three consecutive UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles from 2016 to 2018. Winning three consecutive UCL titles is the first in the 21st century. He also collected a total of 11 trophies at Real Madrid, including two Spanish Primera Liga titles.

After saying goodbye to Real Madrid, the place Coach Zidane wanted most was to play for his country’s national team. However, the French national team signed a new contract with coach Didier Deschamps. Then, many teams sent love calls to coach Zidane. There were national teams such as the U.S. national team, and clubs such as Chelsea were also linked to coach Zidane. However, Coach Zidane politely rejected all requests.

In this situation, local media consistently mentioned two strong teams where Coach Zidane could take the helm. One team is Juventus, a famous Italian Serie A team where its heyday began. 

The other team is Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Zidane, the legend and pride of France, is wanted by France’s most prestigious family. The analysis is that if he does not make it to the French national team, he can go to PSG, which has many key players from the French national team. Also, PSG, which wants to win the UCL the most, cannot refuse coach Zidane, who showed the most competitiveness in the UCL. 

If he goes to PSG, coach Zidane and the world’s best striker Kylian Mbappe can work together. In addition, PSG’s new student Lee Kang-in will also have the opportunity to meet a world-renowned coach named Coach Zidane. From his greatness as a player to his competitiveness as a coach and his personality, Coach Zidane is considered one of the coaches that all players want to work with. He is a dream manager.메이저사이트

In this situation, PSG coach Luis Enrique is in crisis. They were relegated to 3rd place in French Ligue 1 and are receiving heavy criticism after suffering a crushing 1-4 loss to Newcastle in the second match of the UCL. PSG is in an atmosphere where coach Zidane’s arrival could accelerate.

Coach Zidane recently attended the 100th anniversary of Juventus’ ownership by the Agnelli family. He was asked about his return as manager on this occasion.

Coach Zidane responded, “Nothing will happen right now. I’m concentrating on enjoying time with my family. But since I’m the coach, there will be a day when I can talk about it. See you later.”

To avoid a direct answer, ‘Tribal Football’, a website specializing in European professional soccer, once again emphasized, “The strong teams that coach Zidane can go to are Juventus and PSG.”   

[Director Zinedine Zidane, Lee Kang-in. Photo = Getty Images Korea, PSG]

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