‘Careful’ PIT for Choi Ji-man’s return… Why are you waiting after spending 6 billion won?

Why are the Pittsburgh Pirates cautious about returning Choi Ji-man (32)?

Pittsburgh Baseball Now, which delivers news from Pittsburgh, cited an interview with Pittsburgh general manager Ben Charrington on the 3rd (Korean time) and updated the news with Choi Ji-man, who is playing a rehabilitation game.

Choi Ji-man left the Tampa Bay Rays after last season and traded to Pittsburgh. Afterwards, he is spending his final season before his free agent (free agent), stamping for $ 4.65 million (evil 6 billion won) in the final year of salary adjustment.

Pittsburgh can’t guarantee whether it will have only Choi, who becomes a free agent. It wouldn’t be strange if he left the team immediately after this season. You must use all available cards to increase your team’s strength.

Choi Ji-man is on the verge of making his comeback after being placed on the 60-day disabled list (IL) due to an ankle injury last April. He is improving his performance with a batting average of 0.316 (6 hits in 19 at-bats), 2 home runs, 7 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.229 in 6 games in Double-A and Triple-A minor league rehabilitation games. His hitting feeling seems to have been revived.

However, Pittsburgh is in no hurry. Why? Cherrington general manager said, “Choi Ji-man is definitely checking his defensive ability at Triple A.”토토사이트

Pittsburgh has a card to alternate designated hitters, including veteran Andrew McCutchen (37) and first baseman Carlos Santana (37). In particular, Santana and Choi Ji-man have overlapping first base positions. If Choi Ji-man joins, he has to think about which player to use for one designated hitter.

That’s why it is important whether or not Choi Ji-man’s defense is important. If Choi Ji-man can play as a first baseman instead of a designated hitter, Pittsburgh can build a lineup using all of the various players.

Cherrington general manager explained, “Choi Ji-man can be used as a first baseman. I do not mean to exclude Santana, but to give Choi Ji-man several options. I will try to check (perfect condition) in all aspects of defense and running.” .

Pittsburgh currently ranks 14th among 15 National League teams in team batting average (0.241). is the lowest In order to strengthen the offensive power, only Choi should be appointed as soon as possible, but the return point is carefully calculated to reduce the risk of injury and increase utilization.

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