Choice of Wedding Venue

Traditionally, the choice of wedding venue was either a church or the registry office. A church wedding has always been the favorite here in the UK, obviously for people who are devout Christians, but not all people who marry in church are deeply religious. We have many beautiful old churches that make wonderful backdrops for wedding photos and add a special touch to the ceremony. Imagine a very old country church adorned with seasonal flowers, the bride in a stunning wedding outfit and everyone dressed to death. The registry office can seem a bit cold and impersonal in comparison. But nowadays the church or the registry office are not the only options. Since the law change we can rent castles and mansions,

토스카지노 in a church  getting married, remember that popular churches fill up very quickly and you may need to book a few years in advance. Once you win you will find that the summer months are the most popular. So if you have a very popular church in mind, you might want to consider a fall or even a winter wedding. There could be the bonus that the church is already decorated for Thanksgiving or Christmas, saving you effort and money. While it may be tempting to choose the finest church in your area for your wedding, please remember that the minister or vicar is under no obligation to have you married in his or her church. Many priests or vicars expect you to attend religious services regularly,

If you don’t want to get married in a church or registry office, the options are endless and it all depends on your tastes and finances. If you’re an avid golfer then the Golf Club might be the perfect place for you – they can hold the ceremony and you don’t have to travel to the reception, just move to another room. You can also opt for a country club, or if you are a nature lover you can choose a nice spot by a lake or on a mountain top. Don’t forget to think about how you’ll get the wedding guests to your chosen locations and how they’ll return to the location you’ve chosen for the reception, unless you’re planning an al fresco picnic – maybe not so smart in it Great Britain.

When planning the wedding venue, we tend to always picture it on a beautiful, warm summer day and people walking on perfect lawns and sipping champagne. A tent might be a good compromise – you have the atmosphere of the outdoors but also a roof over your head when it rains and when it’s particularly cold there is a way to blow in warm air.

When it comes to more exotic locations like a beach wedding, remember that this would be great fun for the younger crowd, but your 80-year-old Agatha probably won’t thank you. If there are both older generation guests and young people, you can still have a beach wedding, but make sure you can book a restaurant nearby where the older folks can sit and warm up if it is gets a little chilly. Of course, if you’re having your beach wedding in a hot country, you won’t have any problems with the weather.

With weddings becoming so expensive in recent years, many people are choosing to get married abroad and there are many special ‘wedding packages’ available. You can travel to your chosen destination and the hotel will organize the wedding ceremony and you can enjoy your honeymoon. This saves a lot of planning headaches and is a lot cheaper than a wedding at home.

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