Classy Boeun-Hyejoo, Lotte Giants pitcher and hitter selected on the 27th… send ‘strong support’

Boeun and Hyeju, members of the girl group CLASS:y, were chosen as the pitchers and tryouts.

On the 27th, Classy Boeun and Hyejoo will shine as the first pitcher and hitter in Lotte Giants’ third Dream of Ground Series.

On the 27th, the last day of the third Dream of Ground series, Hyejoo will be the pitcher and Boeun will be on the ground to meet the fans.

The third Dream of Ground series, in which Classie Hyejoo and Boeun send strong and passionate support, is a series inspired by the team’s cheering song, ‘DREAM OF GROUND’, and is raising expectations from baseball fans.스포츠토토

While the two members are expected to play the first pitch and hitter with the energy of victory, Klasi is continuing active domestic and international activities by releasing several songs after debuting with ‘SHUT DOWN’ last year.

The Dream of Ground series with Classy Hyeju and Boeun will be held on the 27th, and details can be found on the Lotte Giants website.

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