‘Colombia D-3’ coach Bell “High intensity X physical, this World Cup keyword that I confirmed with my eyes after the opening”

“The keywords for the Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup are high-intensity and physical.”

Colin Bell, head coach of the women’s national soccer team, responded to a short interview after training at the Campbelltown Sports Stadium outside Sydney on the 22nd, three days before the first leg of the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup against Colombia.

Coach Bell commented, “The atmosphere at the training ground in Sydney seems brighter than in Paju.”

said with a smile, “It was bright in Paju too. It’s just that my body was a bit tired because of the high-intensity training.” 80% of this World Cup, the first button When asked about the most important point three days before the match against Colombia, Coach Bell emphasized, “Now the World Cup has started, and now it is time for all players to focus more on the tournament as a whole.”

“We have a game next Tuesday (25th). (Because it’s Group H) As the games of the previous groups continue to progress, the players are watching these games together every day,” he said. Coach Bell hinted, “I asked the players this morning what impressions they had while watching the game and what they were thinking, and two stories came out. The first was ‘strength’ and the second was ‘physical’.” “When coming out from the back, the players are seeing and feeling that they are moving forward more physically, quickly and recklessly, and increasing the intensity. We will also face this situation on Tuesday. I think the players will experience it directly in the match against Colombia,” said coach Bell when asked about the results of the high-intensity training that he has consistently promoted since taking office

. “It goes without saying, but the higher the stamina players bring in at the beginning, the better they can achieve.먹튀검증

With the remaining three days until the game against Colombia, he plans to focus on ‘special move’ set-piece training to acquire sharper offense and stronger defense. Coach Bell said, “I took a break yesterday to do tactical training (attack front pressure, defense release pressure). Now, I have to focus on making the players sharper before the Colombia match. At the same time, I plan to train with set-bis defense training and set-piece attack training.”

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