Cubs, Angels, Padres mixed in trade deadline judgment

Ahead of the trade deadline in 2023, the teams at the crossroads between buyers and sellers were the Los Angeles Angels of the American League, the Chicago Cubs of the National League, and the San Diego Padres.

One week before the deadline, the Angels were 52-49, the Cubs 49-51, and the Padres 49-53.

The media’s response to the Angels was that it was wise to trade Shohei Ohtani, who doubles as a pitcher, and accept a prospect to see the future.

Regarding the Cubs, the win rate was low at less than 50%, but the dominant evaluation was that it was worth throwing the number of wins. Public opinion prevailed that the NL Central District was worth a try. The Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds are competing for the lead, but the basis for determining that the Cubs have a chance is the goal difference.

On July 26, Milwaukee, who took the lead with 56 wins and 46 losses, had a goal difference of -6. Cincinnati, behind Milwaukee by 0.5 games, was -3. The difference between the points earned by the Cubs, which is less than 50% win rate, was a whopping +45. As long as the mound is stable, it has enough power to change the ranking with an attack.

As a buyer, the club embraced outfielder Cody Bellinger and starter Marcus Stroman (currently on the injured list), who will become free agents after the season, and traded infielder Heimer Candelario from the Washington Nationals.

The Angels and Padres also decided on a buyer policy and upgraded their power through trade. What the Angels and Padres couldn’t give up was the high run-out difference. At this time, the Angels were +19 and the Padres were +52. In particular, the Angels had a win rate of more than 50%.

As of the 23rd, the moves of the Cubs, Angels, and Padres, who selected buyers, are 180 degrees different. The Cubs lost to the Detroit Tigers 6-8 that day, but are ranked second on the NL Wild Card with a record of 65-60. The Padres are 6.0 games away from the third-place Arizona Diamondbacks. The postseason was virtually over.소닉카지노

The same goes for the Angels. With 61 wins and 65 losses, a whopping 10.0 game difference over the 3rd place Seattle Mariners, this year too, the fall baseball is getting better.

The Cubs currently have a +64 earned run average among teams competing for the NL Wild Card, higher than the +51 of the #1 Philadelphia Phillies. The Padres are still recording +58, but it is difficult to return to the 50% win rate for the season because the clutch ability of high-paid players is poor and they are weak in close matches.

The fight isn’t over yet. However, the Cubs have not given up and are delighting fans with the number of wins they have foreseen beyond August.

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