Daegu rose to 4th place thanks to Choi Won-kwon’s leadership… “You have to trust me even though I nag you.”

I don’t hold back on nagging, but in the end, I have to trust the player.”

K-League 1 Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon (42) is getting closer to entering Group A (1st to 6th) in this season’s final round after being released as an agent. He took over last season when former coach Alexandre Gama (Brazil) quit midway and led the team to remain in the first division, and this season, after 30 rounds, the team reached 4th place (11 wins, 11 draws, 8 losses, 44 points). I put it up.

Even leaving aside the fact that Coach Choi is the youngest head coach among the 25 clubs in K League 1 and 2 this season, this is a remarkable achievement. While he comforts his players with the ‘older brother leadership’ typical of a young coach, he often uses direct speech and nags.

Coach Choi recently met with Sports Donga and said, “Our team did not have a losing streak this season. “80% of the training schedule is defensive training, but teaching the players to be able to make sharp counterattacks regardless of game time was effective,” he said.

Of course, we are going through quite a few ups and downs. Amid the slump at the beginning of the season, Coach Choi’s defense-oriented tactics and heavy reliance on Sejinha (Brazil) came under criticism. In addition, the points gap with Incheon United, ranked 7th (11 wins, 10 draws, 9 losses, 43 points), is small, so many challenges still await them.바카라

Even in difficult environments, Director Choi values ​​consistency and trust in the atmosphere. He sometimes directly criticizes the defense’s lack of build-up ability and the poor performance of some players, but behind it all, there is trust. Thanks to this, the players also began to live up to Coach Choi’s trust. Ahead of the Suwon Samsung match (1-0 win) on the 17th, Choi Young-eun and Jang Seong-won, who took the opportunity due to injuries to existing starters, worked together in spirit and strengthened their stamina by hiking early in the morning, while Vaselus (Brazil), who was criticized for his poor decision-making ability at the beginning of the season, won on the same day. He responded with the winning goal.

Coach Choi said, “There is not much difference in the atmosphere of our team whether we have consecutive wins or consecutive losses,” and added, “I will not hesitate to nag the players while believing in them. “I will approach each game with the determination to aim for 3 points,” he said emphatically.

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