Director César giving Kim Hee-jin a thumbs up.. Director Kim Ho-cheol also gave a thumbs up!

Korean women’s volleyball team coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez visited Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon to watch the match between Heungkuk Life Insurance and IBK.

Coach Cesar was originally scheduled to hold a press conference on the 14th, but the schedule was changed due to the earthquake in Turkiye.

After the game, Cesar went down to the court and exchanged greetings with IBK coach Kim Ho-cheol, Kim Hee-jin, Pyo Seung-ju, Kim Su-ji, and Santana. In particular, coach Cesar gave a thumbs up to Kim Hee-jin and praised him, and IBK coach Kim Ho-cheol, who saw this, also raised his thumb, saying, “They are the best.” 카지노사이트

On the other hand, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance’s leap by winning with a set score of 3-1 (25-12, 25-19, 24-26, 25-20) against Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was about to take the lead that day.

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