Director Guna Dan “Yoo Seung-hee returns, I will wait with some time”

Can Shinhan Bank ignite the fight for second place by avenging its 4th round defeat?

Incheon Shinhan Bank will have an away game in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league against Busan BNK Some at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 3rd. Shinhan Bank in 4th place and BNK Some in 2nd place have two games.

For Shinhan Bank, it is a battle to seek revenge. Shinhan Bank is 1 win and 3 losses against BNK Some, including a 62-79 complete defeat in the 4th round confrontation. Coach Gunadan said, “We are at a disadvantage in every position. The rebound is too pushed,” he said, evaluating BNKsome’s power. He then conveyed a cautious stance on the timing of Yoo Seung-hee’s return.

Game Preparation
Compared to BNK Some, we are at a slight disadvantage in all positions. The forward is a little strong, but the rebound is too pushed. We need to focus on Kim Han-byul and defend. Kim Taeyeon made some preparations. If you can keep Kim Han-byul’s rebound in check, it’s worth playing a good game. 온라인카지노

Yoo Seung-hee’s point of return
(Yoo) Seung-hee was a player who was about to retire after suffering two cruciate ligament injuries. He came back from a life-and-death exercise, but he is not feeling well and is in a psychologically unstable state. He could be rushed, but the team still has time to spare. There is more than a month left until the playoffs. I hope to come back stronger physically and mentally. It’s not like there aren’t any physical problems. He lost 4 kg of muscle strength, but he recently raised it by 2 kg. He is working out and grabbing both his body and mind. I am not pressuring either. I think it would be better to wait for some time.

Chaejin Han is the leader of the recent condition
team. She saved her own shots and gave opportunities to new players such as (Kim) Sonia, (Kim) Jinyoungi, and (formerly) Seuli. Her players are gradually getting in sync, and she feels that ‘Ah, (Han) Chaejin unnie moves like this’. Then, as she saw it, her shooting condition improved. She also has the mindset that she has to take the lead herself. Hearing that she was an old man probably hurt her pride (laughs). Chae-jin did very well last season, and even in the midst of poor performance at the beginning of this season, he held the center of the team. He is a grateful player. He is something every player should learn.

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