Director Park Jin-man, who is looking forward to ‘Red Thomas Chief Coach’, “The personality is the opposite…”

“My personality is the exact opposite.”

When asked about newly recruited head coach Lee Byeong-gyu (49), Samsung Lions head coach Park Jin-man (47) smiled. Coach Park said, “I expect that this coach will raise the atmosphere of our team.”

The Samsung team led by coach Park left for Okinawa, Japan on the morning of the 30th. Samsung plans to set up camps for the 1st and 2nd divisions in Okinawa and train for 40 days, including a total of 10 practice games.

Coach Park, who met with reporters before leaving the country, said, “I think the players will be able to grow more through competition because the players in the first and second teams work together in the same area.” I will observe. During the camp, the 1st and 2nd teams may change,” foreshadowing a strong competition.

He added, “Our team situation is an atmosphere in which existing players and new players must compete.”

Coach Park, who recorded a decent record of 28 wins and 22 losses in 50 games as an acting manager during last season, welcomes a new season as a full-time manager this season.

One of the changes that occurred after Park became the official head coach was the recruitment of Geelong Korea coach Lee Byeong-gyu as the head coach. Coach Lee left a mark by playing as the best hitter in the league during his active career.

Coach Park said, “If I’m on the silent side, this coach is a style that doesn’t stand still.”

He added, “I come to Samsung and have my first spring camp together, and I think I will be able to convey this coach’s unique know-how to the players. The atmosphere will definitely improve.”

Coach Lee, who was wearing a new uniform and went to spring camp together, did not hide his excitement.

Coach Lee said, “I don’t know the players well yet, and I haven’t talked to the coach, so I think I’ll need time to figure it out.”

It is also new that coach Lee, who has been the ‘LG man’ since his active days and his retirement, wears a new uniform.

Coach Lee smiled, saying, “I tried coaching Geelong, but it feels different because I completely moved the team.” 안전놀이터

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