Do you want to come to SON Real?’ Madrid’s active flirting… Will Son Heung-min take the last chance to transfer to a big club?

Rumors of Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) transferring to Real Madrid have erupted again.

Spain’s Pichajes said, “Real Madrid is interested in Tottenham star Son Heung-min. “Real Madrid is monitoring Son Heung-min’s situation and is looking for an opportunity to sign him,” it was reported on the 28th.

This is not the first time there have been rumors of Son Heung-min moving to Real Madrid. In October last year, German media outlet ‘Sport 1’ reported that manager Carlo Ancelotti was keeping an eye on Son Heung-min, and rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid were mentioned. It was so specific that questions about Son Heung-min’s transfer to Real were asked directly.

However, as a result, Son Heung-min’s transfer did not materialize. It was only Real’s interest, but no specific transfer offer was made. Korean fans were excited just because there was talk of the Korean national team’s captain transferring to the world’s best club.

Son Heung-min is under contract with Tottenham until 2025, and there are constant rumors of a contract renewal. After Kane left, Tottenham became anxious as Son Heung-min, who took the captain’s armband, recently showed great success as an absolute ace. This is because of the sense of crisis that if Son Heung-min cannot be tied to a long-term contract, he may be lost to another big club. The transfer of Tottenham’s most goalscorer Kane has become a reality. There is no law preventing Son Heung-min, another legend who scored 150 goals for Tottenham, from leaving.

Tottenham is expected to make an all-out effort to renew Son Heung-min’s contract. British media ‘90min’ reported on the 21st, “Tottenham is rushing to renew the contract with Son Heung-min, whose contract expires in 2025. “Tottenham wants to renew Son Heung-min’s contract by at least Christmas and tie him to a long-term contract,” the report said.

Son Heung-min scored his fifth goal of the season with a hat trick against Burnley and multiple goals against Arsenal, moving up to second place in scoring. The leader is Erling Haaland with 8 goals. Son Heung-min, who scored his 150th goal for Tottenham, is only one goal away from reaching his 200th goal on the European stage.

However, if Tottenham wants to keep Son Heung-min, they must spare no effort in investing heavily. This is because Son Heung-min is currently a cost-effective player with a relatively low salary compared to his great performance. If Tottenham cannot win the trophy, they should at least compensate Son Heung-min financially for his loyalty.

Son Heung-min is a representative player who is not treated properly compared to his skills. In the Premier League salary rankings surveyed ahead of this season, Son Heung-min received 9.984 million pounds (about 17 billion won), ranking 32nd overall in the EPL. In terms of weekly salary, it is 190,000 pounds (313.53 million won). Considering Son Heung-min’s status in the league, this is a ridiculously small amount.토토사이트

Mohamed Salah, who shared the top scorer with Son Heung-min with 23 goals in the 2021-22 season, ranked third overall with an annual salary of 18.2 million pounds (about 30.8 billion won). In order for Son Heung-min to renew his contract with Tottenham, he must be treated at least the same way as Salah.

It is good news that Son Heung-min’s transfer to Real Madrid has been rumored. Because it means that he is being recognized for his abilities. However, it appears that it will be difficult for the transfer to actually take place. Son Heung-min’s loyalty to Tottenham is too strong. It is questionable whether Real Madrid will offer a huge weekly wage.

‘Court Offside’ said, “Son Heung-min is already 31 years old. He can’t do better than this. Real Madrid would be better off investing in a younger player with more potential. “Of course, the Korean player is undoubtedly world class, but it is unlikely that Chairman Daniel Levy will let him go,” he predicted. In fact, many of Real’s wingers are in their early 20s, including Vinicius (23). 

Even if Son Heung-min wants to move to Real Madrid, there is a high possibility that he will go through great trouble with Chairman Levy like Harry Kane. In any case, Son Heung-min’s transfer rumor to Real is not bad as it will also have an advantage in renewing his Tottenham contract.

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