‘Double score for 2nd place in active play’ An unprecedented record that has been difficult to break for 10 years, with only 2 places left… Expectations of simultaneously achieving 30 SV for 3 consecutive years

An age that is well beyond the odds. There was some shaking at one point, but it didn’t break.

Endless efforts to change without hesitation. This is why he was able to end the season as a competitive closing pitcher.

Samsung Lions Oh Seung-hwan (41) is on the verge of setting a record that will forever shine in KBO history.

Oh Seung-hwan finished both games of the double header against Lotte held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 2nd, adding two saves in an instant. 28th save of the season, 398th save of his career.

If he adds 2 saves in the team’s 9 remaining games, he will reach an unprecedented personal record of 400 saves. At the same time, he will set a record of 30 saves for three consecutive years.

Seunghwan Oh’s 400th save. This is truly a great record.

Although he was absent for six seasons from 2014 to 2019 due to overseas expansion, including baseball in Japan and the United States, his overall first place remains strong. This is a record that will not be broken for the next 10 years.

Son Seung-rak is second in saves in KBO League history. He retired from active duty after making 271 saves.먹튀검증

If narrowed down to active players, Hanwha Jung Woo-ram is in second place with 197 saves, KT Kim Jae-yoon follows with 167 saves, and NC Lee Yong-chan follows with 154 saves.

Oh Seung-hwan recorded more than twice as many saves as the current second-ranked player, Jeong Woo-ram.

It is not easy for the veteran closing pitchers who are following him to surpass Oh Seung-hwan’s career record during his active career.

Young closing pitchers such as LG Go Woo-seok (138 saves) will have to fight for a long time to catch up.

There are a total of 21 active players in the KBO League with more than 100 saves. Among them, there are a total of 7 active members, including Oh Seung-hwan, Kim Jae-yoon, Lee Yong-chan, Go Woo-seok, Lim Chang-min, and Kim Won-joong.

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