ERA 2.19 ‘Special Bullpen’ degenerates into 8.00 ‘firecracker’, MLB pitchers’ tough pitch clock adaptation

Major League Baseball (MLB) has introduced a “pitch clock” since this season. In the case of pitchers, they have to throw the ball within 15 seconds when there is no runner and within 20 seconds when there is a runner. It is not easy to adapt to sudden changes. It is not particularly easy for some pitchers.

Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Alex Besia is one of those. Besia was one of the longest pitchers in the league last season. It took 24.5 seconds when there was no runner and 27.5 seconds when there was a runner.

Bessia has never violated the pitch clock so far this season. Did he really succeed in adapting. Besia had a 2.19 ERA in 54.1 innings last season. He has an 8.00 ERA in 18 innings this season. LA Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told FOX Sports, “Besia’s shorter pitching interval seems to have affected the rhythm.”

Most of the pitchers, including Besia, who had a long pitching interval, have fallen this season. Kyle Finnegan (Washington), Kenley Janson (Boston), A.J. Minter (Atlanta), and Giovanni Gaillos (St. Louis). Along with Besia, they are among the top 10 players who had the longest pitching interval last season.

Minter’s ERA soared from 2.06 last 스포츠토토 season to 5.68 this season. In the case of Jansun, his ERA improved slightly, but detailed indicators worsened, with more walks and fewer strikeouts.

The exception is Milwaukee closer Devin Williams. Williams is the fifth-longest pitcher in the league last season. He has violated the pitch clock twice this season, but has a 1.99 ERA. He was recording a 0-point ERA until he failed to catch an out count against Minnesota on the 14th and was beaten with four runs.

The pitch clock is a task that not only pitchers but also batters have to adapt, but so far, pitchers are having more difficulties. According to FOX Sports, the number of pitcher’s pitch clock violations (413 times) by the 13th is more than twice that of batters (169 times).

However, since the introduction of the pitch clock, it has had a great positive effect. The average time per game this season is 2 hours and 37 minutes, the shortest since 1984, FOX Sports said. There’s probably no going back to the days without Peach Clark. In the end, there is no choice but to adapt. “Things have changed, but we have to,” Besia told FOX Sports. We have to adapt,” he said.

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