Everton ’10 points off the pace’, another ‘9’ possible…”Chelsea-Man City also at risk”

If they get back to 10 points, they could face an additional nine-point deduction.

“Everton’s points will be deducted by 10 points with immediate effect for breaching the PL’s profitability and sustainability rules,” the Premier League (PL) secretariat announced via its official channels on Sunday.

Prior to the announcement, Everton had won four, drawn two and lost six games this season and were in 14th place with 14 points. The punishment drops them to the bottom of the table with four points. They are level on points with Burnley, but 19th out of 20 on goal difference.

The reason for Everton’s points deduction, as announced by the secretariat, is a breach of the PL’s profitability and sustainability rules.

The PL’s secretariat implements the league’s own financial regulations. Unlike UEFA’s Financial Fair Play, the PL’s financial regulations are relatively simple. The league must not lose more than £150 million ($168.7 billion) over a three-year period.

However, as of last season, Everton’s three-year losses were £124.5 million (2001 million won). The PL secretariat immediately referred Everton to an independent committee. After a five-day hearing, Everton were penalized 10 points.

Everton refused to accept the punishment. “We are both shocked and disappointed by the Premier League’s decision,” the club said in an official statement, “and believe that we have received an unfair sporting sanction. We will appeal.”

The Sun also raised the possibility of further punishment for Everton. “Instead, last season’s relegated teams – Burnley, Leicester City and Leeds United – have combined to claim £300 million ($484.7 million) in compensation from Everton,” the publication explained, “a sum that is virtually impossible for Everton’s new owners, 777 Partners, to pay.”

Southampton, Nottingham Forest and Burnley are also reportedly considering legal action. “If the three clubs lodge a formal challenge, the PL secretariat will hold a hearing on the matter,” says The Sun. “If the claim is upheld, Everton will have to pay the compensation,” says the Sun, “and if they fail to do so, Everton will be administered by the PL secretariat. “If they fail to pay, they will be administered by the PL secretariat, which will result in a further nine-point deduction. 보스토토 도메인

“At this point, the supercomputer has predicted Everton’s retention even with a 10-point cut, but a further nine-point cut would mean relegation,” said The Sun, adding that “Chelsea and Manchester City could face similar sanctions for FFP violations. Suspicions continue to mount.”

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