FC Mokpo heading to the top of the K-3 League with ‘Underdog Rebellion’

While Gwangju FC is causing trouble in professional soccer, FC Mokpo is also attracting attention in the lower league K-3.온라인카지노

Despite the poor team situation, the team is on the verge of winning its first championship by jumping up 11 places from 13th place thanks to its organizational skills.

FC Mokpo is ranked 2nd in the K-3 League with the organizational ability to pressure the opponent from the waist, the mental strength to run one step further, and the goal concentration.

Last year, the team fell to 13th place out of 15 teams, but the team changed with the appointment of coach Deok-je Cho, a ‘promotion maker’ who promoted Suwon FC and Busan I’Park to the first division one after another.

FC Mokpo, who also achieved 15 games undefeated this season, is competing for the championship with a 4-point gap with Hwaseong FC with 3 games remaining.

At the last National Sports Festival, the promise to give home fans a gold medal had to be abandoned in the semifinals, but the obsession to win the first championship since its founding has not yet died down.

▶ Interview: Cho Deok-je / FC Mokpo Coach
– “It is a difficult situation to win, but FC Mokpo fans will support the remaining three games, and I plan to do my best until the end to repay the fans.” FC Mokpo

players are paying attention, including released players. Most players did not receive it.

However, the players are proving their sorrow for obscurity through their sweat on the pitch, burning their passion to enter the K-League.

The players’ skills are also attracting attention as the two players are tied for the league’s scoring lead and are competing internally.

▶ Interview: Geon-Gyu Jo / FC Mokpo (joint leader in scoring)
– “I never came here out of complacency just because I was K-3 or K-4, and I am working hard with the thought that if I prove myself on this stage, I can go on to a bigger stage.” First

win FC Mokpo, which has its sights set on , will play its last home game at the Mokpo Soccer Center on the 28th.

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