Ghana striker Arts missing in Turkiye earthquake… Affiliation team “survival has not yet been confirmed”

While the death toll from the strong earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on the 6th (local time) was counted at nearly 4,000, Christian Arts (31), a Ghanaian national striker playing in the Turkiye League, went missing, and the club prayed for his life.

According to foreign media such as British media on the 7th (UK local time), Hatayspor, a Turkish professional football 1st division Super League club to which Arts belongs, said, “We have not yet heard the news that Arts were rescued from the rubble of a building collapsed by an earthquake. I couldn’t,” he said.

Previously, the club heard the news that Arts was trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building on the 6th when the earthquake occurred.

After that, the British media Guardian said, “Arts was rescued and transferred to the hospital. He is being treated for a wound on his right foot and has trouble breathing.”

However, Yaz Savonchuglu, a journalist from Turkey, quoted Hatayspor vice-president Mustafa Uzzat as saying that “Arts has not yet been rescued from the rubble and has not been contacted by the club.”

“Unfortunately, the search and rescue for Arts is still ongoing,” said Lutpu Sabhas, Honorary Chairman of Hatayspor, who is also the head of Hatay Provincial Government Office.

Meanwhile, Arts, who started his career as a professional player in Portugal’s prestigious Porto in 2011, has been active in prestigious English clubs such as Chelsea, Everton and Newcastle, and started playing in Hatayspor, his current team, from last year. He scored 9 goals in 65 appearances for the Ghanaian national team.

Hatayspor currently sits 14th out of 19 teams in the Turkiye Super League. 먹튀검증

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