Gorilla Center ‘Chae Chi-soo’ Rising Spellman, ‘Reliable defense under the goal, kind smile to teammates’

Watching KGC foreign player Spellman’s game reminds me of Chae Chi-soo, the ‘captain gorilla’ who is the captain and center of the team in the Slam Dunk cartoon.

On the 4th, the 2022-2023 professional basketball game between Anyang KGC and Seoul Samsung was held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium. With Spellman, Moon Seong-gon, and Byun Jun-hyung all active, KGC overcame last-place Samsung and ran for four consecutive victories.

KGC, which has recently won 4 consecutive wins, increased the gap to 2.5 games with Changwon LG in second place with 27 wins and 11 losses in the season.

Spellman scored 20 points and 8 rebounds, and Byun Jun-hyung scored 19 points, contributing to the victory. 메이저놀이터

KGC foreign center Omari Spellman kept the bottom of the goal firmly. The official position is power forward, but he replaced the role of center Oh Se-geun. On behalf of Oh Se-geun, he was responsible for the team’s victory by doing hard work under the goal. He was briefly off the court due to an ankle injury during the second quarter of the game, but came back and played a key role in the victory.

Spellman has good flexibility even though he is 2m 6cm tall and weighs 111kg. He is a multi-utility resource who boasts a dunk full of power from behind the goal and can even make a 3-point shot from outside.

During the game in the third quarter, teammate Moon Seong-gon was injured. Returning to the court in the 4th quarter, Moon Seong-gon flew out of the court to catch the ball again during defense, and Spellman pulled him to prevent injury. Worried about the injury of his teammate, Spellman smiled brightly.

KGC, where Spellman is active, is running for first place in the league this season. Spellman is 3rd in the league with an average score of 18.8 points and is performing close to a double-double in every game with an average rebound of 9.7.

Watching Spellman’s dependable appearance as he bravely defends the court in every game, it feels like a real version of Chae Chi-soo, the ‘gorilla’ in the Slam Dunk cartoon.

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