Grand Canyon New Year’s Airplane Tours From Las Vegas and Arizona

Would you like to celebrate the New Year’s holiday in a unique and exciting way? Then you should visit the Grand Canyon and take a scenic and adventurous air tour. There are several tours to choose from, and you get to pick between the South Rim and the West Rim.

However, New Year’s is almost here and the tours are already filling up. You need to book your tour as soon as you can, but try to have it locked in at least a week in advance. You’ll find the best deals on air tours online and if you buy your tour online using your credit card 먹튀검증. you can immediately and easily reserve your seats.You can tour the West Rim by departing from Vegas, and if you want to tour the South Rim, you can depart from Vegas or the airport near the South Rim in Arizona. There are plenty of fun things you can do on these tours.

If you depart from Vegas, your plane will fly over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead giving you a bird’s eye view of these impressive landmarks. If you book an air-only tour, the airplane flies over the highpoints of the West Rim and then circles back to Vegas. If you have time, you should consider booking a landing tour so you can spend some time at the Canyon.

When you book a landing tour, your airplane lands on top of the rim so you can depart and enjoy other activities. You’ll be close to the Skywalk, which is an amazing viewing platform made of glass that juts out over the Canyon for about 70 feet and sits 4000 feet above the Canyon floor. Cameras are not allowed on the glass platform for safety reasons, but a professional photographer is stationed on the platform to take a photo to commemorate your exciting experience.

You have your choice between a 30 or 50 minute air tour, but you should opt for the longer one if you can. You’ll see a lot more on the longer tour, so the bump in price is worth it. This tour flies you over to the remote wilderness areas around the North Rim of the Canyon. Next, it flies all the way to the eastern edge of the Park, and finally the tour returns to the South Rim. Why is this such a good tour? Because it covers a whopping 75 percent of the National Park on a single tour. The National Park and the Canyon cover a lot of ground, so you see a lot on the tour. You’ll even fly over the mysterious Dragoon Corridor, and this lets you see the deepest and widest section of the Canyon.

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