Gwanghyeon Kim, the ‘ace’ responsible for the beginning and end of SSG

The SSG Landers regular season ended at the fingertips of Kim Gwang-hyun. He is the ace who is responsible for the start and end of this season.

SSG won 5-0 in the final match against Doosan Bears held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 17th. SSG took 3rd place with 76 wins, 65 losses, and 3 draws (winning rate of 0.539), maintaining at least some pride as the ‘defending champion.’ At one point in late September, he fell to 6th place, but had the last laugh in the fierce battle for 3rd place. On this day, starting pitcher Gwang-Hyun Kim pitched perfectly, allowing 3 hits and no runs in 6 innings. 

It was a very stressful appearance. SSG defeated Doosan 3-2 on the 16th, lowering NC to 4th place and taking advantage of the battle for 3rd place, but they had to watch the results of NC’s game when they lost the final game on the 17th. It could have fallen to 4th place. 

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who took a gamble while not knowing whether he would have to play a wild card game against 5th place Doosan after a day’s rest, said, “It’s the end of the season, so Kim Gwang-hyun’s condition is not very good. Still, I trust him as he has a lot of experience.”   

Gwang-Hyun Kim allowed no runs in the 5th inning without any major problems, except for the bases loaded with 1 out. Coach Wonhyeong Kim said, “We won thanks to Gwanghyun’s good pitching.” 

Kim Gwang-hyun’s regular season performance this year is 9 wins, 8 losses, and an earned run average (ERA) of 3.53 in 30 games. Considering the value of his name, this is not a satisfactory report card. He was just one win short of achieving double-digit wins for the seventh consecutive year. Gwang-Hyun Kim, who achieved 158 wins in his personal career, only failed to achieve 10 wins in 2011 (4 wins in 17 games) and 2012 (8 wins in 16 games), excluding his debut season. He also missed achieving a 2-point ERA for three consecutive seasons. 스포츠토토

However, he played the role of an ace, taking responsibility for 168 and one-third innings, the most in the team. He is quite a bit different from Oh Won-seok, who pitched the second most innings on the team (144 and two-thirds innings). Kirk McCarty (130 innings), who posted 9 wins, 5 losses, and an ERA 3.39, ended the season at the end of September due to injury, and Roenis Elias (8 wins, 6 losses, ERA 3.70) was hired as a replacement during the season, while Gwang-Hyun Kim steadily guarded the mound. come. Kim Gwang-hyun, who had slowed down a bit during the summer, boasted a solid ERA of 2.62 in eight games since September when the battle for rankings was fierce. 

Gwang-Hyun Kim reported his first win by allowing 1 run in 5 innings in the home opener against the KIA Tigers held in Incheon on April 1. In the opening game, he was the only domestic pitcher to get a starting win and maintained his pride as a ‘native pitcher.’ He then took full responsibility as an ace until the final game, when the fate of the team’s fall baseball game depended on it.

Starting on the 22nd, SSG will play a semi-playoff (quasi-PO) with 3 wins out of 5 against the team that passed the wild card match between NC and Doosan. Gwang-Hyun Kim said, “After winning the combined championship last season, the team felt pressure. All the players did not give up until the end of this season, so we were able to advance straight to semi-PO.” “I will prepare,” he said with determination. 

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