Heredia → Hong Chang-ki → Koo Ja-wook → Son Ah-seop join in, the competition to be the batting king has become more intense.

As the regular season draws to a close, the competition for the title heats up. In particular, players who are challenging the batting champion are attracting attention.

As of the 2nd, the batting leader is Son Ah-seop (0.341, NC Dinos). Guillermo Heredia (SSG Landers, 0.339), Koo Ja-wook (Samsung Lions, 0.337), and Hong Chang-gi (LG Twins, 0.327) are following behind.

At the beginning of the season, Heredia seemed to be ahead of the competition. He led the team’s upward trend by recording 33 hits in 94 at-bats in 24 games in the month of April, a batting average of 0.351, 2 home runs, and 19 RBIs.

Heredia seemed to be slowing down in May with 24 hits in 81 at-bats, a batting average of .296, 2 home runs, and 14 RBIs in 21 games, but picked up the pace again in June with a batting average of .361, 5 home runs, and 17 RBIs in 97 at-bats, and 35 hits in 25 games.

But there were variables. Heredia, who was in good condition, briefly left the country to undergo the U.S. citizenship process ahead of the end of her first half of the year. Shortly after his return, he suffered a sprain of the front muscle of his left thigh (iliopsoas), which kept him out of the line for over three weeks.

Meanwhile, Hong Chang-gi, who entered the normal track a little later than Heredia, joined the race for the batting title. 

After warming up with 29 hits in 102 at-bats in 26 games in April with a batting average of 0.284 and 11 RBIs in the month of April, he hit hard with 33 hits in 86 at-bats in May with a batting average of 0.384 and 6 RBIs in 23 games. He is harassing pitchers by not only getting hits but also many walks based on his strengths, such as his pitching plan. Hong Chang-gi, who also played in the first game of September, contributed to the team’s 10-0 win against the Hanwha Eagles in Jamsil on the 1st with 2 hits in 3 at bats, including 1 double, 1 RBI, and 1 walk.먹튀검증

Koo Ja-wook, who had a hotter August than anyone else, is also mentioned as a candidate for batting champion. Although he was unable to play for a month after leaving the team due to a hamstring injury in early June, he made a smooth recovery and announced his successful return. He made his presence known in 16 games in July by going 23-for-61 with a batting average of .377 with 1 home run and 11 RBIs, and in 22 games in August with a batting average of .412 with 35 hits for 85 at-bats with 4 home runs and 19 RBIs.

The player who ignited the competition was Son Ah-seop. After showing consistent performance throughout the season, he jumped into the race for the batting title with 31 hits in 83 at-bats in 21 games last month with a batting average of 0.373, 2 home runs, and 14 RBIs. In the Daegu Samsung game on the 1st, he continued his upward trend with 3 hits in 3 at-bats and 2 runs, surpassing Heredia and Koo Ja-wook in batting average. Ranked first in the category.

Although they are a bit far from Son A-seop, Kim Hye-seong (0.323, Kiwoom Heroes) and Yang Eui-ji (0.321, Doosan Bears), who have batting averages in the .320 range, are also players with the potential to become batting champions.

Competitive athletes try to be as oblivious as possible.

In a recent interview, Hong Chang-ki said, “I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to look at the records. When I do, I get more concerned and become more conscious of the records, so I try not to look at them as much as possible. I don’t pay attention to them except sometimes when they appear on electronic displays or when I have no choice but to look at them.” There is a bar.

Koo Ja-wook also said, “There are still a lot of games left, and I’m just thinking, ‘I’m the luckiest person in the league right now.’ I don’t know what my batting average is, so I know when someone says, ‘He’s number one in batting,’ but I’m not conscious of that.” “I don’t think I do it,” he said, adding, “I think I competed for the batting title once in the past, but batting is something that falls apart the moment you become conscious of it. That’s why I don’t worry about it as much as possible, and I think I won’t be conscious of it when there are about 5 games left.” reported.

It seems that many fans’ attention will be focused on the competition for the batting title, as whoever wins the batting title can be the ‘first’. Heredia is challenging for the first batting title in the club’s history (including his time with the predecessor SK Wyverns), while Hong Chang-ki and Koo Ja-wook are aiming for the first batting title since their professional debuts. Son Ah-seop, who played professionally for over 10 years, also never won the batting title. The player who overcomes the ‘final variables’ that come at the end of the season, such as doubleheaders and Monday games, is likely to have the last laugh.

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