I can’t take it off anymore’… Kim Ha-seong wrote ‘custom helmet’

Kim Ha-seong’s unique fighting spirit, running at full speed with his helmet off, I don’t think I’ll see it often in the future. . A ‘custom helmet’ has been created that fits snugly to prevent injury.

-seong Kim has been wearing a helmet slightly larger than his head since he entered the US.

Usually, the shape and size of the heads of major league players did not match Kim Ha-sung.

So, when he sprinted, his helmet would come off, but it combined with the image of Kim Ha-sung, who always does his best, and captured the hearts of fans.카지노

The head and helmet are also separated from the ‘Kim Ha-sung doll’ distributed by the San Diego club last week in line with ‘Kim Ha-sung Day’.

[Is the helmet a bit big? look alike The picture is fine.]

Still, it’s dangerous if the helmet comes off, so the club made a helmet that fits the head shape of Kim Ha-seong, and a new helmet came out.

[It’s heavy. This is stronger.]

When his close colleague Machado smiled and gave advice, Kim Ha-seong playfully put a helmet on Machado.

[Manny Machado: Don’t let the helmet fall. It is the most important thing.]

Ha-seong Kim wore a custom helmet yesterday (29th) against St. Louis and scored a hit in 4 games, continuing his 10-game on-base streak.

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