I invested 1.8 billion won, but a foreigner said, “I can’t throw it away.” The moment has come when LG needs to make a decision.

Because he said it was difficult for him to throw.”

LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop met with reporters at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 29th and expressed his frustration while talking about foreign pitcher Adam Plutko (32). Plutko has not been on the mound since the game against the Changwon NC Dinos on the 26th of last month. Pelvic bruises were the problem. However, there is a difference in the thoughts of the player and the team regarding the degree of recovery from injury. Plutko claims he needs more time to recover, and the team believes a return to the mound is possible. This is the reason why the head coach was unable to hide his frustration.

When Plutko was first diagnosed with a pelvic contusion, he sent related data to a US hospital to get an opinion. Plutko relayed to the club the opinion of an American hospital that recovery would take 4 to 5 weeks. Although the recovery period was longer than what was diagnosed at a domestic hospital, the club respected Plutko’s wishes and waited until now.

Coach Yeom made it his top priority to use Plutko during fall baseball. Ahead of this season, LG signed a contract with Plutco for a total of $1.4 million (approximately KRW 1.8 billion), including a contract deposit of $300,000, an annual salary of $800,000, and incentives of $300,000. I couldn’t give up on Plutco easily because he treated me as a top-tier foreign pitcher in the KBO league.

It is undeniable that Plutko performed well worthy of his price before getting sick this season. He recorded 11 wins, 3 losses, 123⅓ innings, and an ERA of 2.41 in 21 games, setting the stage for LG to take the lead.

The problem is responsibility. Even if Plutko is in a condition where he cannot really throw the ball, if he somehow showed an attitude of wanting to return quickly for the sake of the team, the waiting team would not have been so frustrated. However, since he did not show such will, the commander eventually expressed his disappointment. Moreover, domestic hospitals say that Plutko can now throw the ball without any problems, but he himself says it is difficult. If this happens, suspicion is bound to arise between the club and the player.

First of all, because it was a player health issue, the club took a step back. Coach Yeom said, “I don’t think Plutko will be able to appear in the regular season. He said he has a hard time throwing. He is a player whose body is the most important thing.”

If a player says he cannot throw the ball until the end, the team has no choice but to make a decision. The LG team has worked together to achieve the goal of winning for the first time in 29 years since 1994. The magic number for confirmed first place in the regular season has been reduced to 6, and if direct advancement to the Korean Series is confirmed, preparations must be made for a combined championship. If Plutco continues to make noise during this process, it could become a problem at an important time when the players need to come together.토토사이트

After careful consideration, Director Yeom decided on the Maginot Line. Plutco will undergo another detailed examination at a domestic hospital after the Chuseok holiday. Coach Yeom announced that he would only decide whether to accompany Plutko for the remainder of the season after hearing the results of a medical examination at a domestic hospital.

Director Yeom said, “When I first got hurt, the hospital in the United States said it would be 5 weeks. When I was examined in Korea, they said it was okay, so they told me to bring it up (the time of return). I’ve said enough. I’ve delivered my message, so it’s up to you to decide. “I said I couldn’t throw, but it’s not my body so I can’t force myself to throw, right? I’m planning to make a final decision after receiving an accurate examination at the team’s designated hospital,” he said emphatically.

He added, “First, we will look at your will. Your will is the most important. In Korea, we were diagnosed with no problem with the test results, but since you are checking with the United States and making your own judgment and talking about it, I cannot force it.” He emphasized that along with the results of the examination, Plutco’s intention to return will also be considered as important.

The top priority is to avoid harm to the players who are currently doing their best to win on the mound and on the ground. Coach Yeom said, “We have to decide whether or not to have them play in the Korean Series. We also have to set up and prepare. We need to notify the players in advance whether they will start or play in the middle. What tasks are given and how do they prepare? There is a difference between preparing and just preparing. “There is a huge difference. The team itself can be confused.”

Excluding Plutko from the force is a big burden for the commander. That’s why I gave it enough time so far.

Coach Yeom said calmly, “I worked very hard to include Plutko. I think we did everything we could to include him. If he says he can’t throw, then I can’t do it either.”

The club did everything it could. Now it depends on Plutko’s physical condition and will. If Plutco himself does not show his intention to help during the Korean Series, LG will also have no choice but to make a decision. There is not much time left now.

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