I let the pitcher throw the ball he wants’… A batter who talks freely with the opposing catcher at the plate

 LG Choi Won-tae, who had been exchanging autographs with the catcher for a long time, relaxed his foot on the mound. After taking a deep breath for a moment, I exchanged autographs with the catcher again. However, this time, Choi Won-tae continued to shake his head and refused to sign catcher Heo Do-hwan’s autograph. Then, Chae Eun-seong of Hanwha, who was at bat, relaxed his foot and smiled at Heo Do-hwan, saying, “(Choi) Won-tae, let him throw the ball he wants to throw.”

Heo Do-hwan also smiled after hearing Chae Eun-seong’s story and actually signed Choi Won-tae’s autograph with the ball he wanted. With 2 strikes and 0 balls, the ball Choi Won-tae wanted was a high fastball. However, Chae Eun-seong made the cut, and later, the falling curve that Heo Do-hwan requested resulted in a missed swing, resulting in a catcher’s strike and a not-out.

During a game, the reason a batter can talk and laugh with the opposing team’s catcher at the plate while at bat is because they have a close relationship. Yes. Chae Eun-seong is a player who only played for LG for 14 years before wearing the Hanwha uniform as a free agent (FA) last winter. He joined LG as a reported player in 2009 and played as LG’s fourth hitter last season, leading the team’s batting lineup. Although he is now wearing a Hanwha uniform and playing on the opposing team, he still maintains a special friendship with the LG players with whom he had a great time.

Chae Eun-seong, who struck out in her first at-bat, came to the plate in her second at-bat, vowing revenge. However, LG knew Chae Eun-seong very well as they had been together for a long time. In his second at-bat, he showed a high fastball of 145 km and then struck out with a slow curve of 123 km. 

This season, Chae Eun-seong has a batting average of 0.266, 124 hits, 20 home runs, 75 RBIs, 64 runs, a slugging percentage of 0.428, and an OPS of 0.779, but is silent whenever she meets LG. Against LG, they have the lowest opponent record with a batting average of 0.180, 11 hits, 2 home runs, 4 RBIs, 8 runs, a slugging percentage of 0.295, and an OPS of 0.549. It was the same in today’s game. He batted third and started at first base, but was thoroughly attacked with no hits in four at-bats and two strikeouts. 

On the other hand, Won-tae Choi completely blocked his nemesis, Eun-seong Chae, in the important comeback match. During his time at LG, Chae Eun-seong was very strong against Kiwoom’s Choi Won-tae, with a career batting average of 0.417 (10 hits in 24 at-bats), an on-base percentage of 0.440, and an OPS of 0.982. However, the day I worked with catcher Heo Do-hwan after transferring to LG was different. He struck out on a swing in his first and second at-bats, and easily caught a fly to left field in his third at-bat.먹튀검증

Meanwhile, this day’s game was a perfect victory for Choi Won-tae, who returned after reorganizing himself in the second team. Choi Won-tae threw 92 pitches and pitched well, allowing 6 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 8 strikeouts, and 1 run in 7 innings. He overwhelmed the Hanwha batting lineup with a variety of pitches, including a fastball with a maximum speed of 148 km, a slider, a change-up, and a curve.

LG took a step forward in achieving its long-cherished goal of winning the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years since 1994, as Choi Won-tae, who was the ‘last puzzle piece’ for the championship, survived.

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