I rode the flow after the leadoff transition” Director Melvin saw Kim Ha-seong

San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin highly praised Kim Ha-sung.

In an interview held on the 22nd (Korean time) after winning the home game 6-2 against the Miami Marlins at Petco Park in San Diego, California, Melvin spoke about Kim Ha-seong, who played second base on the day and recorded a double and a grand home run.

“I’ve been really looking good throughout the season,” said Melvin, who said, “Especially after moving to the leadoff spot, I’m riding the flow. How many home runs have you hit this year? Now I have become a player who hits 20 homers,” he praised Kim Ha-sung’s performance.

He continued, “I hit at the decisive moment, and I’m on base. He understands the mandate of the leadoff spot. Here, he is doing good defense like other players,” said Kim Ha-seong, who is showing good performance in various fields.카지노

In particular, when asked about the secret to the increase in power after mid-June, “He had it. He feels for himself and is looking for confidence. As he gets good results, he gains confidence in himself and gains confidence,” he said.

Having previously praised Kim Ha-sung’s energy, he commented, “Even when he feels the team atmosphere is down, he doesn’t play like that.”

He once again presented the lead-off arrangement as a turning point, saying that taking on the lead-off role is leading to an invigorating result.

When asked about the secret to his ability to handle fastballs better, he answered, “It’s just the result of training.” “I don’t know if it’s a change in bat speed. He seemed to have figured out where he could cope and where he couldn’t,” he said, highly appreciating his steady efforts.

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