‘Indonesian Express’ Asnawi wears Jeonnam uniform

An official familiar with the K-League transfer market told Sports Chosun, “Asnawi has confirmed their move to Jeonnam. After the medical test, they will join the Jeonnam team in Changwon, where they are training.” Jeonnam succeeded in reinforcing the right side, which was a concern through the recruitment of Asnawi.

Asnawi is the first player from the Southeast Asian quarter in the K-League and the first Indonesian player. Asnawi, who was selected for the A national team in 2017 at the age of 17 and whose ability was recognized enough to set the record for the youngest national team in Indonesia, entered the K-League through Ansan Greeners in the winter of 2020 under the recommendation of coach Shin Tae-yong. In his first season, he appeared in 14 games and provided 1 assist, showing potential. Ansan renewed the contract and showed affection for Asnawi. Last season, his second season, it was a leap forward. He appeared in 26 games and posted 2 goals-2 assists. He played well at wing-forward and wing-back. In Indonesia, he went back and forth between the age group representative and the A representative, gradually increasing his weight in the team. 토토사이트

Based on this performance, Asnawi was also linked to K League 1 teams. Among them, Jeonnam was active. Jeonnam was at the bottom last season. Coach Lee, who tried to change to an aggressive soccer, went out to find a player who would solidify his soccer throughout the winter. In addition to Kang Min-soo, Ha-nam, and Valdivia, he was looking for a player to strengthen the right flank, which had no resources besides Kim Soo-beom. Asunawi, whose strengths are fast speed and refreshing breakthrough, is on the list. Asnawi was also active in going to Jeonnam, which matched his aggressive football.

Jeonnam, which left Yuhei Sato in the Asian quarter, who showed good form last season, brought Asnawi and added to the Southeast Asian quarter. The 5+1 system is introduced, and unlike the abolished K League 1, K League 2 still has a Southeast Asian quota. In particular, as Seoul E-Land recruited Van To An from Vietnam and Chungbuk Cheongju FC recruited Malaysia’s Raj, the Southeast Asian three-way match that the three players will show is expected to be a little bit of fun in K League 2.

Jeonnam is expected to receive a great boost in terms of marketing with the signing of Asnawi. Asnawi, who is treated as a star even in Indonesia with a large population, has more than 1.8 million followers on social media. Ansan had fun through Asnawi marketing. It seems that Jeonnam expects the same effect. Jeonnam, with Asnawi added, is sweating hard to achieve better results than the playoffs in the new season.

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