‘Is this a 6-game winning streak?’ In the heat of the steam room, batting ball pitcher Lee Beom-ho coach led late-night special training… KIA’s gaze remains on ‘tomorrow’ 

Gwangju Champions Field on the 12th after the 6th game between KIA and Samsung. It’s late at night, approaching 10pm. KIA coaches and batters came out in groups of threes and threes in comfortable clothes.

I installed a batting cage and started free betting. The training lasted over 30 minutes. The heat felt warm. It is as if a team on a losing streak is playing a special night game.

But KIA is the opposite. One day before the last game of the first half, they are on a six-game winning streak. On this day, after a close match, they won 3-2 and won 6 matches this season against Samsung along with a streak.

A KIA official hinted, “There are often cases where backup players who don’t play much play special hits like that after the game.”

Humid weather brought on by a long rainy season. It is definitely something I do not want to do after a game in the hot steam room where I sweat profusely even if I stand still. It’s your primary and backup, and you want to go and wash up quickly and rest comfortably with your family. However, players such as Lee Chang-jin, Choi Jeong-yong, and Kim Kyu-seong, who took special hits, turned their bats with sweat all over their bodies.안전놀이터추천

Most of the field coaches also went to the ground. Coach Lee Bum-ho has completely transformed into a batting ball pitcher. He carefully threw the ball one by one and checked the balance of the hitters. Coach Park Ki-nam, Cho Jae-young, and Lee Hyeon-gon also spoke to the players and gave them advice.

The condition for a strong and sustainable team is in no-nonsense. The key is to prepare a layer of players who can fill unexpected gaps such as injuries or sluggishness. The presence or absence of an alternative determines seasonal farming at the decisive moment.

The most peaceful moments can be the most dangerous moments.

KIA coaches were shedding valuable sweat preparing for tomorrow on an empty pitch with their backup players. This is the reason why KIA’s great leap forward in the second half of the year is expected, with the entry into the quarterfinals just around the corner.

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