“It’s okay to fail” fearless swing, Qing University’s fourth hitter’s potential began to explode in 10 years

Yoon Hyung-joon (29, NC) was a rising star in the spotlight during Jinheung High School. However, he rarely found a place in his professional career. He joined NC in 2013, but his competitor for the position was Eric Thames. Even after he moved to LG in the second draft, he did not perform as well as expected. He caused controversy for drunk driving and was arbitrarily dismissed, and returned to NC through a trade. That’s how he spent 10 years as a pro. At the age of almost 30, the potential of being the 4th hitter of the youth team is now starting to explode little by little.

Hyungjun Yoon finished the first half of this season with a batting average of 0.278 and an OPS of 0.800. He raised his adjusted scoring production (wRC+) to 122.9, based on a league average of 100. Now, it seems that he has firmly established himself as the first baseman. In his last nine games of the first half, he had a batting average of 0.344 with a slugging percentage of 0.469 and an OPS of 0.832.

He especially improved his handling of breaking balls. Hyungjun Yoon said, “As he tried not to be fooled by the breaking ball, he even missed the fastball, which was his strength.” So he changed his mind. Feeling that it was okay to be fooled, he confidently swung the bat. Hyungjun Yun said, “Even if I swing wrong, I know if the ball is worth hitting or not because I keep swinging it. It is said that he zeroed in on his swing and ended up hitting the bull’s-eye.안전놀이터추천

As he continued to participate in the game, his grades improved, and because of his good grades, his starting appearance continues. He is a happy virtuous cycle. When asked, ‘Isn’t it physically difficult?’, Yoon Hyung-joon said, “The thing I’ve longed for since 10 years ago was to go to the game every day.” When he was struggling to establish himself as a pro, he considered quitting baseball. Hyungjun Yoon said, “When he quit, he also had the thought of quitting after playing a full season for a year.” So he is happy now. In the morning, he said that he wants to go to the baseball field, and he thinks it would be nice to play a game soon.

Not too long ago, Hyungjun Yoon has been gaining popularity as another main character in NC’s ‘Quote Time’ before the game. When the on-duty of the day speaks the wise words prepared, Seok-min Park, the oldest, puts in a choo-im-sae with a ‘father-in-law gag’. For example, when captain Son Ah-seop said, “Today we are crazy,” Park Seok-min replied, “I’ll parry it.” It is becoming a kind of routine for Hyungjun Yoon to respond with a big smile here. Hyungjun Yoon said, “Honestly, Seokmin hyung’s gags aren’t very interesting, but I think he has a bit of a charm that makes him eat food even when he’s just blanking himself out.”

Yoon Hyung-joon raised his momentum with a double that swept 3 RBIs from the end of the 1st inning against Lotte on the 13th, the last game of the first half. Starting with Yoon Hyung-jun, NC won a great 13-3 victory with the batting line blowing fire. After winning 11-2 the previous day, NC succeeded in changing the atmosphere in the final series of the first half with a great victory for two days in a row. Hyungjun Yoon said, “Even though the losing streak got longer, the atmosphere in the team was not much different from when we did well.” Defeat at the end of a close match is probably the result of bad luck, and if you are faithful to the process, the result will follow someday. Both NC and Yoon Hyeong-jun are waiting for the results of the second half process.

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