It’s the middle of the season, and a concert was held at the Jeju World Cup Stadium 4 days before the FA Cup… ‘Concern about turf damage’ Damage is ‘all to the players’ and soccer fans

Another concert will be held at the stadium during the season.

Jeju United will play the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup semifinals against Pohang Steelers at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 1st of next month. This game, which was originally scheduled to be held on August 9, was canceled due to the aftermath of Typhoon ‘Kanun’ and then postponed to November.

Prior to that, the ‘Seogwipo Glocal Festa’ will be held at Jeju World Cup Stadium. The eve is scheduled for the 27th and the concert is scheduled for the 28th. Preparatory work for this has already begun on the 23rd. A grass protection mat was laid down, and a stage was set up above it. The concert will feature large-scale performances with idol groups invited.

The same was true for the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree K-Pop Concert held at Seoul World Cup Stadium in August. The Seoul Facilities Management Corporation laid a new ‘hybrid’ grass on the stadium ground in 2021, a mixture of 95% natural grass and 5% artificial grass. However, there was significant lawn damage due to the concert. The government allocated a budget for grass restoration, but it was nothing more than a ‘post-treatment visit’.온라인카지노

Moreover, the FA Cup semifinals must be held four days after the ‘Seogwipo Glocal Festa’. Of course, the schedule for the FA Cup semifinals was decided after the ‘Seogwipo Glocal Festa’ was confirmed. We cannot just blame Seogwipo City unconditionally. However, one cannot completely avoid responsibility.

Although it is a pre-arranged concert schedule, Jeju has to play two more league games in addition to the FA Cup. It is difficult to avoid criticism for not considering Jeju’s game schedule. Moreover, if Jeju reaches the FA Cup final, one game will be added. If the turf is damaged, up to four games will have to be played on the messed up turf. Even though the season is not over, only three days are needed to recover before the FA Cup semi-finals. There is no way the grass can be restored in three days. The turf could have a huge impact on the potentially important schedule for both clubs, the FA Cup semi-finals.

Grass does not recover in a short period of time. It is protected and managed with a lot of time and painstaking work. If the grass is not maintained properly, the damage will be felt by the players and fans watching soccer. Players are inevitably exposed to the risk of injury, and fans cannot watch high-quality soccer.

There is still about a month left in the season. The soccer field must be for soccer.

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