Jeonnam ahead of K-League 2 ‘Legendary Match 2’, will new strikers explode?

If there is a ‘legendary match’ between Jeonbuk and Seoul in the first division, Jeonnam is aiming for the protagonist in the second division.

On the 3rd at 7:00 pm, in the 2023 K League 2 18R match held at Gwangyang Soccer Stadium (Dragon Dungeon) in Jeonnam, the match between Jeonnam Dragons (Jeonnam) and Seoul E Land (Seoul) will take place.

The reason why the match between the two teams became ‘Legendary Derby 2’ is the ranking competition. Both teams have 23 points from 7 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses from 17 matches. However, Seoul E, which is ahead in the number of points (Seoul E/22 points, Jeonnam/21 points), is ranked 7th, with Jeonnam closely following.

The team to pay attention to is definitely Jeonnam. Starting with an internal call-up, Jeonnam built up its strength by recruiting Ahn Jun-su, who was included in the best eleven in his debut match, Leo Mikichi from the Austrian Bundesliga, and Ji Sang-wook (loan) from Jeju U-22.

In particular, it is worth looking forward to the toes of Mikichi and Ji Sang-wook, who have not yet appeared in the stadium. Both players are resources specialized in the role of crack, and like Hazard in his Chelsea days, they are players who specialize in shaking the opponent’s defense through crack play on the side.

Ji Sang-wook, in particular, is a player who has experience in the first division (K League 1) while benefiting from the U-22 rule. He cannot be said to be a ‘better player’ unconditionally just because he has experienced a higher league, but there is no possibility that he will show ‘better performance’ in the new environment of the second division.토토사이트

On the other hand, Seoul spent the summer renewing contracts with existing resources such as Kim Min-gyu and Cha Seung-hyun. The notable recruit is Song Si-woo. Song Si-woo, like Solskjaer of Manchester United in the past, showed overwhelming performance in extra time in Incheon-Sangmu as a special joker and scored several goals to save the team from defeat. Even though he is a second division player, there is even a meme called ‘See Woo Time’.

Meanwhile, ahead of the game, the Jeonnam side also delivered special news. On this day, the national strongest Gwangyang Girls’ High School soccer team, which won the 2023 Queen’s National Women’s Football Championship and achieved two consecutive victories, is invited to the home stadium to celebrate the victory with the audience.

The match between Jeonnam and Seoul E will be broadcast live on Coupang Play and IB Sports.

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