Join active duty → Lose 25 kg → Futures 30%… 1st designated catcher, finally awakening

The choice of the KIA Tigers, who could not solve the anxiety at home, was to recruit from outside.

On the 5th, the KIA agreed to a one-on-one trade for catcher Kim Tae-gun in exchange for infielder Ryu Ji-hyeok to the Samsung Lions. Park Dong-won, who obtained FA qualification after finishing last season, tried to break through the catcher vacancy vacated by using internal resources, but faced a limit. Kim Tae-gun is a player who can get free agent status after this season, but KIA decided to take an adventure once again.

On the first day that Kim Tae-gun joined the KIA squad, backup Han Jun-su (24) played the ‘game of life’.

KIA canceled Shin Beom-soo (25) from the first group while registering Kim Tae-gun in the first group. Armed with earnestness, Shin Bum-soo showed good performance for a month in June, but his batting stagnation deepened this month. He chose to give Han Jun-su a chance, who had a batting average of 3.9 Lee (50 hits in 162 bats), 2 homers, 22 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.784 in the Futures (2nd team) league. While Kim Tae-gun, whose daytime trade was confirmed, rushed from Pohang to Incheon that day, Han Jun-su started the Incheon SSG Landers game as the starting catcher. In this game, Junsu Han contributed to the team’s 17-3 victory by performing an amazing performance with 3 hits and 3 RBIs in 5 at-bats, including a solo shot.

Han Jun-su, who was born in Dongseong High School in Gwangju and joined as the 1st nomination for the 2018 Rookie Draft, was probably called the catcher’s greatest catcher. He drew attention with his excellent defensive skills and strong arm. However, about a month after the opening of the Futures League in 2018, which was his debut season, he injured his finger and had the bad luck to go to the operating table. Since then, Junsu Han has steadily accumulated experience in the Future Steam team. He also left results in his hitting, but was followed by evaluation that his long hitting power was insufficient, and feedback that there were still many homework to be solved in defense.

Junsu Han, who returned from military service as an active duty soldier, started the season as a foster player this season. The pride of the first designated player who joined with his contract payment of 160 million won was put down. He reduced his weight by 25kg and hit the drain. His efforts soon resulted in a batting average of 30% for the Futures. KIA, who had been crying over home anxiety throughout the season, chose to give Han Jun-su a chance, and he produced remarkable results in the first team start of the season.안전놀이터

For the time being, Han Junsu is expected to take on the role of a backup to support Kim Tae-goon. For him, who left impressive results in his at-bat, the challenge will be to prove how much he has grown in the field of defense. It seems that the future of Han Junsu will be determined by what he will show in his future first-team companions.

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