“Just look at July and get ready”…Ryu Hyun-jin on how fast he’s ready to return after quitting late-night eating

Five months later, Hyun-jin Ryu is well on his way to his declared mid-July return to the mound.

On April 24, he successfully completed his first post-surgery bullpen pitch.

The team’s coaching staff and fellow 메이저사이트 pitchers, including Schneider, watched him pitch and applauded when he finished, according to local media.

Ryu’s recent appearances on the team’s social media accounts have shown him to be in much better shape than before his elbow ligament splicing surgery last June.

In a media interview, Ryu said the biggest secret to his weight loss was that he worked hard on cardio and weight training, and above all, stopped eating late at night.

Ryu, who has begun throwing a changeup and curveball, is expected to make a live start against minor league hitters next month if his rehab goes according to plan.

After a rehabilitation that no one could have predicted, Ryu is slowly climbing the stairs to a comeback.

It will be interesting to see if he takes the mound in the major leagues this summer and starts spraying the ball with power once again.

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