Kim Hye-seong, who won 2 crowns in the first half, and Roh Si-hwan, who won first place in home runs, first title dark clouds… I never thought the Asian Games would become an obstacle 

Kiwoom Heroes Kim Hye-seong can become the most hits king?

The competition for individual titles in the first half of the 2023 KBO League was fun. Until the early and mid-half, the LG Twins players dominated the leaderboard by category, but after that, other strong players appeared and the face of the first place changed.

Kim Hye-seong aims for first place in three categories: most hits, runs scored, and stolen bases. She ranks first in hits and runs scored, and second in stolen bases. The most hits were 110, 10 ahead of the 100 recorded by SSG Landers’ Guillermo Heredia, Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo, and LG Hong Chang-ki, who are tied for second place. The score is tied for first place with SSG Choi Jeong with 64 points. Hong Chang-ki is third with 59 points, and Roh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles is fourth with 51 points.

In stolen bases, he is in second place by one car to LG Shin Min-jae (21), who recorded 20. Followed by Doosan Subin Su (18), KIA Park Chan-ho (17), and LG Moon Seong-ju (16).

However, it is questionable whether Kim Hye-sung will be able to win any of these three titles. Because of the Asian Games.

Kim Hye-seong is selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. She is likely to start as the starting second baseman.

Due to her participation in the Asian Games, it is difficult for her to compete at the end of the season. The national team is scheduled to be convened around mid-September, and until then, you have to outsmart your competitors to win the title.

This season, the KBO League has 134 games per team scheduled until September 10th, after which 10 unscheduled games and rain canceled games will be organized from September 12th.

Kim Hye-seong is highly unlikely to play more than 10 games compared to his 10-game competitors. It is important to run a lot because the number of hits, stolen bases, and runs is determined by the number of runs, but it is expected to be a difficult challenge for Kim Hye-seong.

The only time Kim Hye-seong became a title holder was King Doru in 2021. The highest number of hits was 6th with 170 in 2021, and the best score was 4th with 99 points in 2021. I have been showing a very good figure this season, but the Asian Games have become an obstacle to winning the title.

Noh Si-hwan is in the same situation. With 19 home runs,안전놀이터 he is tied for first place with SSG Choi Jeong, and with 57 RBIs, he is tied for second place with LG Austin Dean following Choi Jeong (58 RBIs). His slugging percentage is also 506, which is second only to Choi Jeong (0.577). Depending on the results in the second half, you can also aim for a title challenge. It is expected that home runs and RBIs, which determine the ranking by number, will not be easy. In terms of slugging percentage, depending on the opponent’s performance at the end, it seems that he can aim for first place.

However, it cannot be said that it is completely impossible. From the start of the second half to the summoning of the national team, you can look forward to it depending on how intense it is.

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