Korea Gas Corporation, which avoided the worst, returns to Holloway… “There were family health problems.”

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation avoided the worst.

Korea Gas Corporation announced that Murphy Holloway will play normally from the match against Suwon KT on the 31st.

Holloway was in a situation where his mother’s illness in the United States was struggling recently, and even his eldest brother, who was taking care of him, was in a position where he could not concentrate on the game due to deteriorating health. For this reason, he did not play before Anyang KGC on the 29th.

However, through a team meeting, Holloway confirmed his role and the will of his colleagues to compete for the 6th round, and strongly expressed his will to participate in the season. He will be listed on the entry list before kt and will continue his team schedule normally. 바카라

Amid the disastrous result of the away back-to-back extended defeat, Korea Gas Corporation, which even had foreign players leave, almost collapsed. But with Holloway back, the worst could have been avoided. Even so, the current atmosphere cannot be good. First of all, it is urgent to break out of the losing streak.

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