kt coach Lee Kang-cheol, pleased with Kim Sang-soo’s performance, “I tried hard not to break trust”

 Behind kt wiz infielder Kim Sang-soo’s recent performance, kt manager Lee Kang-cheol had faith.

Coach Lee built a relationship of trust by guaranteeing Kim Sang-soo a chance to play even if he occasionally slumps in batting.먹튀검증

Thanks to this, Kim Sang-soo has recently overcome concerns about the ‘aging curve’ (a phenomenon in which his skills decline as he gets older) and is performing as well as he did in his heyday with the Samsung Lions.

As a shortstop, he firmly guards the kt infield and is active in batting average with a batting average of 0.305 (64 hits in 210 at-bats).

At Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 27th, coach Lee Kang-cheol smiled heartily.

Coach Lee said, “Basically, he was a good player, so I had some expectations, but I didn’t know he would do this well.”

He said, “I tried not to break the trust,” and “When things didn’t go well, when my face was full of sorry, I said, ‘Why are you sorry?’

On the other hand, Cho Yong-ho, who was excluded from the first-team entry due to right hip pain last month, will make his comeback as the 7th batter outfielder after 41 days.

Manager Lee said, “He checked his condition and said that hitting the bat is okay,” he expected.

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