Last Chance at a Cliffhanger…Winning Pitcher Again

Doosan’s veteran pitcher Jang Won-jun was back on the mound for the first time in nearly 1,000 days.

While his pitches weren’t as good as they had been in his prime, there was a desperation in every pitch he threw that showed he was going to get batters no matter what.

The returning left-handed ace’s first win in five years, and his 130th career victory, brought Doosan fans to tears 토토사이트.

Jang Won-jun, who was part of the “Fantastic Four,” the strongest starting lineup during the Doosan dynasty, had been in an inexplicable slump since 2018 and had even contemplated retirement.

This year, however, Jang was given a chance by new manager Lee Seung-yeop to play baseball for what might be the last time in his career, and he seized it.

“I used to think it was natural to be a starter…but I had strange feelings. I don’t have a goal, I just do my best in the role I’m given and work hard for one year, two years…”

His teammates were also united in cheering Jang’s successful return to the starting lineup.

In particular, catcher Yang Ji, who hadn’t been in the battery for a long time, was more focused than ever,

“Won-joon did his best for his brother’s 130 wins.”

The juniors in the pitching staff gave Jang Won-jun a baptism of water that washed away all the emotions he must have felt.

On the same day, Chung Chan-heon, who became a “free agent misfit” before this season and then joined the Wonsoom team as a late addition, also earned his first win of the season.

With a 3.27 ERA in four starts, Chung is a surefire fifth starter and is making a comeback from the brink of his baseball career.

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