LCK, KT-Brion 1 set apology released… “Supplementation of problems and prevention of recurrence”

An issue related to camp selection occurred in the 1st round 1st set match between KT and Brion. In response, the LCK side posted an official apology.

On the 5th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ KT vs. Brion was held. During the first set camp selection process, the LCK side informed Brion that it was ‘Blue’ rather than ‘Red’ selected by KT. Accordingly, Brion thought that KT’s choice was ‘blue’, but the game actually started with ‘red’. 토토사이트

In response, the LCK side said, “According to LCK regulations, each team completes the camp selection 3 days before the match, and the league secretariat informs the team of the camp selection result. Previously, KT selected ‘Red’ as the camp for 1 game and 1 set against Brion. However, before the start of today’s match, the referees confirmed that it was misguided as ‘blue’ in the process of being delivered to Brion.”

He emphasized, “It is clearly the League Secretariat’s fault that the faction selection information was incorrectly conveyed to Brion. We sincerely apologize to Brion for this situation.”

In addition, “We will check all procedures related to camp selection and key information delivered to the league and each team to make up for problems and prevent recurrence. We apologize once again to Brion and Brion fans who may have felt confused.” said.

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