Leave alone in 1st place in errors and stolen bases’ LG’s 29-year-old wish, depends on 4th and 5th selection

Can the LG Twins fulfill their long-cherished wish to win the Korean Series after 29 years since 1994?

LG finished the first half with 49 wins, 2 draws and 30 losses (0.620 win rate), leading the way. It is 2.5 games away from second place SSG Landers. Now, if you take one more win, you will step on the 50-win plateau.

In the first half, LG was consistently strong. He ranked first in win rate in May (0.727) and second in win rate in June (0.625), always at the top of the leaderboard. Various figures in the first half tell us why LG is doing well. Team batting average (0.285) and team ERA (3.61), which can be called basic indicators in offense and defense, both ranked first. However, the number of errors was the highest among 10 clubs with 79, and the number of stolen bases was also overwhelming with 54 (28 NC and Doosan).

Still, LG made a valuable achievement in the first half of the year despite such difficult circumstances. Above all, the newly appointed head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop (55) ahead of this season strengthened the team even more. He demonstrated leadership by constantly communicating with coaches and players whenever there was a crisis. He put the bullpen in the right place at the right time, and made LG fans happy with his brilliant tactical baseball (52 sacrifice bunts, 1st place).
Successful bullpen ‘Plan B’In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that LG’s starting lineup was almost collapsed in the first half. After Plutko (11-1), who had the most wins in the team, Lim Chan-gyu was good with 6-2, 1 hold, and an average ERA of 3.19. However, Kelly fell short of expectations with a 4.44 ERA of 6 wins and 5 losses. It was also significant that Lee Min-ho and Kim Yun-sik, who were dropped as the 3rd and 4th starters before the start of the season, left because they couldn’t find their true self. Throughout the first half, I struggled with the 4th and 5th starting blanks. Here, even Jung Woo-young (2-4, 4.08 ERA) and Lee Jung-yong (3-1, 5.90 ERA), who were in the previous winning group, were shaken. Ko Woo-seok only pitched 19⅓ innings due to shoulder and back injuries.

In this situation, Pil Seung-jo’s ‘Plan B’ of ‘Ham Deok-joo – Park Myung-geun – Yoo Young-chan’, which director Yeom, famous for his thorough preparation, prepared in advance during the camp, worked. Ham Deok-joo had an average ERA of 1.28 with 3 wins and 3 saves and 12 holds, Park Myung-geun had an ERA of 3.25 with 4 wins and 5 saves and 5 holds, and Yoo Young-chan had an ERA of 3.75 with 4 wins and 1 loss and 4 holds. Even in a game where the 4th and 5th starters were shaken early, they endured and endured again and again with “Bullpen Day”. Manager Yeom said, “I wanted to instill in the opposing teams the perception that LG is a team that does not easily lose.”

“Kim Min-seong-Im Chan-gyu, Distinguished Players in the first half”On the fielder side, Kim Min-sung devoted himself to the team by playing all positions in the infield. In a situation where infielders had to leave or take a break due to injury, Kim Min-seong brilliantly filled the void. In addition, it was also encouraging that Shin Min-jae took first place in stolen bases (21) and secured the spot as the starting second baseman. Leadoff Hong Chang-ki boasted a higher batting average (0.332). Austin tied for second in RBIs with 57 RBIs. Park Dong-won, who was recruited as a free agent, hit 15 home runs.

SPOTV commentator Lee Seong-woo said in a phone call with Star News, “I can’t leave out the performances of Kim Min-seong and Lim Chan-gyu in the first half of LG. I knew for the first time that Kim Min-sung was so good at shortstop. Originally, he was a player with good mentality, but his changeup has improved. It seems to be helpful that he used a lot of fastballs at the beginning of the season. From the opponent’s point of view, the number of pitch options will increase to 4 or 5, so it will be complicated.” did not spare

Now LG is aiming for the first place in the pennant race with a solo system in the second half. The key is also the selection team. Coach Yeom said, “It was regrettable that we couldn’t make the 4th and 5th starters in the first half. If we don’t solve the selection problem in the second half, the bullpen will be overloaded.”안전놀이터

In the end, Lee Min-ho and Kim Yun-sik, who were the existing selection resources, must survive. Commissioner Lee Seong-woo said, “I don’t think there are any more resources coming in from the beast side.” “I think LG’s winning the pennant race will be determined by how Kim Yun-shik and Lee Min-ho do. These two are already proven resources. The good looks of last year are obviously Because of that, he will naturally become a key player in the second half.”

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